Gang Green at Evil Incarnate GT, Sat. July 5, 3 pm et

Sat July 5
Saskatchewan at Toronto
3 pm et /Noon pt

Can Evil Incarnate rebound after being road graded in Winnipeg last week or will the Riders prevail to start 2-0? Toronto's defence looked really suspect against Drew Willy and company, so having to deal with the champs ought to be a stiff test. As usual, I support any team playing Hogtown Pigskin Putrescence, Inc., so go Green!

Oski Wee Wee,


I will probably miss the game thread Saturday afternoon, so I hope folks will enjoy the game and go Green! :smiley:

Here is on the Toronto defensive shuffle at .

Oski Wee Wee,


Well how do you like that - the gang green are not all in white as they normally are on road games. Always reminds me of the storm troopers from Star Wars! :smiley: Could have something to do with the double blew wearing white pants.

Well neither team is lighting it up offensively in their first two series. :oops:

Argos just snuffed the Green drive.

Hate to say it but I would almost like to see the blew to win. Rider fans are so arrogant and annoying :x while Argos fans are almost invisible! :roll:

Toronto Argonauts ?@TorontoArgos 7m
Official attendance @Rogers_Centre today: 17,748.

For their Home opener!!

Probably 50% Melonheads

According to TSN broadcasters the Arblows have only ONE returning defensive linemen. So where does that leave the Tiger Cats? Unbelievable turnaround from the game last week with the Bombers. There is much work to do in Tiger Cat practise.

What do they expect? It's a Saturday afternoon in July. People are out of the city enjoying the weather, on holiday or at any one of many other events in the city.

DD was just intercepted and Molden ran it back for the major. Argos seem to have developed their D. They've had a few sacks.

48-15 Blue over the green :smiley: .

On the other hand, Argos will be hard to beat but we don't face them until Labour Day I think so lots of time to get our house in order -- I hope!!

17,000 is a TERRIBLE crowd, especially when you take into account at least 1/3 of the crowd was cheering for the Riders. That means only 12,000 or so Argos fans at their home opener - a team that was first place last year and Grey Cup champs the year before that - playing last year's Grey Cup champions? That is BAD.

Even worse when you see that TFC - a team that has never won anything - drew a sellout of over 22,000 just down the road at BMO just an hour after the Argo game ended for their game against a DC team that is not one of the big draws in the MLS.

Shortest thread ever.