Gang Green at EEEEs Game Thread (Oct. 23, 7 pm et, TSN)

Saturday, October 23
Saskatchewan at Edmonton
7 pm et /4 pm pt

Will the Riders roll over the Esks or will a Ray of Hope shine from the Igloo?

Tune in to find out.

Oski Wee Wee,


I might well go to this one, i've not been to a home game since the LD rematch (had to go home early sadly, unexpected illness)

I don't think much of the Armstead signing, only big play he ever made was that return TD on us... otherwise he's been handed down from team to team, league to league like some cheap movie extra. We've beaten Sask on our turf more than once over the years, so I would expect a competitive game.'s game preview is at .

Oski Wee Wee,


The finale for the weekend is coming up shortly -- hope it's a traditional Riders-Esks battle at Commonwealth!

Big muff by RGM -- Esks have the ball -- with Jared Zabransky in the saddle!

Missed FG by Schiavone -- single conceded. 1-0 Esks.

Riders drive, get the TD -- 7-1 Green now.

That smoke rising from the field is that of a barn burning. LOL

Armstead pays instant dividends with a huge punt return TD -- 8-7 Esks!

15-7 Esks with the Fred Stamps TD

Zabransky looks good!

15-7 after one quarter. I will update after each quarter unless folks want to chat. :wink:

Esks 22 Riders 10 at the half...Green has not matched Edmonton's intensity, especially in stopping the run!

29-10 Edmonton after three quarters. Zabransky is doing well running this primarily run-based attack. Durant has been dreadful for the Riders. The absences of Bagg and Dressler are really coming back to bite them! No Fantuz catches in SEVEN quarters!

Am switching to Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail.

32-10 Esks -- Fantuz got a catch...11:55 left in regulation.

One eye on this, one on the Wings game. LOL

Getzlaf fumbles inside the Esks 5. This game is effectively done.

Not the Habs? Sacrilege.

Not many online tonight. Leaf fans?????? Sigh.................


Wings #1, Habs #1B -- that's how I roll.

5-4 Wings overs Ducks
3-0 Habs over Sens

Good sports weekend so far :smiley:

Dinwiddie gets pick-sixed.

39-10 Esks, 2:15 left.

Saskatchewan is in a world of pain. No effective deep threat without Dressler...and Durant is shaky!

Props to Edmonton. This is their statement. They are definitely racing toward the finish line. Lions will continue to chase, but it's the Esks' spot to lose.

Like many in Ottawa, I'm Habs #1, Sens #2, Leafs #30. As could be heard at the game tonight. Bigger cheers for Montreal than Ottawa. Who had home ice advantage?