Gang Green at EEEEEs Game Thread (Aug. 28, 7 pm ET, TSN)

Roughriders at Eskimos
Today at 7pm et/4pm pt
Also available on TSN HD's game preview is at .

Can Edmonton kickstart their 11-game "second season" or with the Riders ensure it feels like 1-7 at game's end tonight?

I won't be here to contribute tonight, but I will catch the game later.


Oski Wee Wee,


As it turns out, I will be here to give my two centimes LOL...

See you all then!

Hopefully the double E’s will make it interesting like the indoor kitties did last night. I see a pair of Western clubs at 1&7.

TSN's coverage is starting now...

Kickoff is imminent...

Rod Black salutes the Mo Lloyd pick:

Lloyd with the pick

As for passing lanes; nobody better than Doug Flutie

WHOA...that was a BAD pick-six!!

Patrick capitalizes...

Riders 8-0 with the convert

Wes Cates with the TD will be 14-0 after the convert (correction from last post)...

Edmonton is in deep...

Ray is smackkkkked by Simpson!

Another punt for the Esks...

Sask. and Calgary are in a league of their own. Bottom line

Big punt block by the Esks!

Got to get the TD now

Good to see Zabransky on the shovel - 14-7 Sask.

Esks score a quick TD over a Zabransky shovel pass...

14-7 Riders now.

Big fumble recovery by Romrero off Durant!

Turnover off the busted 3rd-down gamble -- Hall gambles and loses!

Still 14-7 Riders!

14-7 Riders at the half...

This has nothing to do with his time here, but Jason Maas should be cut loose. The Esks used to be a QB factory. Zabransky is obviously their number two so where is the young guy to develop?

It's good to see a nearly full Commonwealth Stadium.

What's with the Riders and their too many men penalty?