Any one know any good games sites?

Are you new here? if you are, G'day mate! Welcome to the forum! (shanking MMF by the hand)

game site?...what kinda games r u lookin for? games, old school video games?....snakes and ladders?

Any games. fun ones.

Iv'e been here a while but normally I just read the posts. I dont talk much.

Hey MMF. How does it feel to have KK shank you by the hand?

I ran and washed them immediatly.

just kidding KK.


haha. MMF, why are you kidding? lol.

This is a fun game. lol. :lol:
Turn up the volume.

OMG! :lol: THAT'S AWESOME!!! tha will be a forum favoite!

even better than I don't know how to spell

I find it kind of addicting.

so when you get argue with me, you go on here and pretend like your killing me by picking all the wrong letters right?

Hmmmmm… Sounds like a good way for everyone to take out their frustration you cause us.

Does he sound like you when he talks?

Yeesh.....that yappy kangaroo gets mighty annoying.....all he does is say the same stuff over and over.....sounds kind of familiar.....

Its fun to lose on purpose.

It's so much like me it's scary!

Call it a hunch, KK, but something tells me you wouldn’t be able to complete all ten levels of the game due to your limited talents in spelling, so I’ll let you in on what happens…if you complete all ten levels, the kangaroo gets freed from the noose to run away, only to be struck by lightning…then he’s just a pile on the ground…it appears you’re doomed regardless, Kanga…