games we have left, my predictions...

The following eight games are left and this is my predictions for the rest of the season.

Tonight Calg at Ham.....Hamilton should win a close one
Sept 25th Mont at Ham......possible loss, tough team to beat, but could beat them being at home
October 2nd Ham at Calg ....dont think we will beat them in Calgary but anything is possible
October 12th Wpg at Ham ... should beat Winnipeg at Ivor Wynne
October 18th Ham at Mon....Hard to win in Montreal, dont know about this one..
October 23rd Ham at Tor..... should be able to come out with a win, keeping it close.
October 31st Ssk at Ham....Ssk will be hard to beat, but we could try and steal a win at home..
November 8th Ham at Wpg...Think we can beat them again in Winnipeg

We have a tough road ahead of us playing Calgary twice, Montreal twice and Saskatchewan again also...we also play Winnipeg again also twice and Toronto again once. There records are two games behind us but they will be putting on the heat trying to get a playoff spot. I think we can beat them though...more likely then Montreal, Calgary and Saskatchewan. These three teams will be a bigger test for us then Winnipeg and Toronto.

I think by the time were done, 9-9 and possibly a steal from Montreal, Calgary in one of the two games and if were lucky Saskatchewan in Hamilton could make it a 10 win season or better.

I am going with 9-9

Losing the next 3 to go 5-8.
Hope I am wrong but I think Calgary home and away, and Montreal = 3 losses.

I have Montreal and Calgary 1-2 in the league with us, Edmonton, and Sask fighting for 3rd.

I would love to see a positive record out of these next 8 games, but think it unlikely. I suspect we'll beat Winnipeg twice, and one of either Sask or Toronto. That's three wins in the next 8 games. It won't come easily though... Sask isn't bad and Toronto appears to be improving. I can't see us beating Montreal, or winning in Calgary. If we can win tonight, or beat both Toronto and Sask, we'll be 4-4 to close and 9-9 on the season. I'd call that a successful campaign and a good basis for further improvement in 2010, regardless what might happen in the playoffs.