Games to Watch This Week

The two I'm most interested in are Winnipeg-Toronto and Calgary-Ottawa.

The Willy trade makes the first match more interesting, even though Willy likely won't start. The Argos looked good with LeFevour and have a shot at taking first place in the East. The Bombers are still on that streak and are not far behind BC in the standings. The game is in Winnipeg but the Argos have played well on the road so far this season. I still pick the Bombers but think it'll be a close game.

Calgary-Ottawa is first in the West vs first in the East. The Redblacks have not looked great recently and Calgary has, but maybe the rest will help Ottawa get back on track. Calgary probably wins fairly easily though. Will Burris be back with a healthy hand? I think we might see both Harris and Burris in this one if Calgary does dominate.

The other two games should be mismatches with Hamilton and Edmonton winning easily. Watching Montreal QBs play for next season will be of some interest though.