Games on YouTube???

As a fan in states, we had been able to watch full games/every game on youtube, up until Week Ten… Will they return? If we can’t see the games live, at least we could avoid seeing the scores and watch the next day… Any word on that?

No idea. Hope they end up on YouTube and YouTube pays a little $$$ for the content. Every little bit helps.

I’ve watched a couple games on youtube. The games usually appear a week or two after, if at all.

Starting this season, the CFL and/or TSN are attempting to properly use Content ID to automatically look for and remove pirated games from YouTube. It seems to not have been in place for the first few weeks of the season, but is definitely in place now. So I don't think this will be a viable option to watch CFL games online going forward.

The official options for watching CFL games online are:

Yeah, but now you have to pay $5/month in order to watch these games. Before they were televised on WatchESPN, which was totally free.

Back around 2005, we had a local public access quality sports channel. Mostly HS sports, as well as the local MLS/Arena FB affiliates that we had at the time.

They would periodically show CFL games that were a few days old during the summer.

They were the old CBC broadcasts, iirc, and were of a picture quality that makes standard def look like HD by comparison.

It felt like watching a replay of a game from the 1980s. It was my first real exposure to the CFL. I knew it existed before that, but had never seen a game on TV.

Been hooked ever since.

I use ESPN+ at $4 monthly


I really don’t find $24 a season including playoffs to be a particularly onerous amount to pay. Sure it’s a minor inconvenience, very minor. Try ordering a t-shirt from the CFL store and have shipped to you in the U.S. and see how much you have to pay.

5 bucks a month to watch great entertainment (2.5-3 hrs/game)…man life is hard???
Geeeez, folks go and spend 5 bucks on a coffee in Starbucks…make that coffee last 3 hrs!

I also use ESPN…excellent 4 buck investment.
Go Riders Go!