Games on DVD

The CFL or TSN should really consider putting the classic games on DVD and making them available for sale to the public. They are currently on every Tuesday night on ESPN classic’s Canada, and I love watching them, but sometimes there is a boring game, or sometimes i miss it and have to wait for the next week. If they sold these games on DVD, it would help for us to break up the off season. Maybe it’s not financially sound to buy just one game, so maybe they sell a teams season, or sell a series of classic games. In comparison to other leagues, the CFL has very little available as far as classic games and other types of films go for sale.

agreed. Best bet is to buy a PRV and keep them on a USB drive. watch them over and over.

Not just classic games but all the games.

I want to purchase the entire Riders 2007 season with player comments throughout that year and a bonus Grey Cup Post Game recap and analysis . . . but I can't purchase that because it's not available.

I would also like to do the same for the 2008 season, 2009 season, Twenty-Ten Season . . .

The CFL tested the DVD waters in 2003, when they released a series of DVDs (one per team) called 'Traditions'. I can't speak to how well they performed, but the CFL has yet to followup with anything in 7 years.

DVDs have been declining in popularity for almost 3 years now:

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I mentioned this before on my Video Game thread, but the Vancouver Canucks spent $500,000 documenting their 2007-2008 season and released it on DVD ("We are all Canucks") and sales were dismal. Their marketing VP resigned as a result.

The teams or League would have to oversee am internal production, much like the NFL does with it's NFL Films division. It would be too costly to procure broadcast footage, unless you entered into a partnership with the Network. Something like what CBC does with the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em franchise.

I don't believe TSN is involved with releasing material on DVD. I know their partner (owner?) CTV actively pimped 'Corner Gas' and 'Degrassi' on DVD a few years back, but later ceased being so active in promotion in both of those shows later years.

I guess all you can do is dust off the VCR or keep an out for those classic re-broadcasts.

one word: BOOTLEG

Didn't CBC also experiment in the CFL DVD market when they released the 2004 Grey Cup on that format? Granted, it's probably because Toronto was in the game ( :roll: ), but I'm interested to find out what the sales were for that.

iTunes Canada sells all the games from last season. Just download the player and set up and account. The games are listed under television - TSN. The quality is ok. :cowboy:

The games are also available for free at Library tab - CFL Games On Demand
All teams and all games...except of course the East Final which is inexplicably corrupted
(someone here suggested the work of a disgruntled BC Fan/technician at TSN)

Frankly....after weeks of writing emails to them and getting no response and the files still being corrupted,
(one example: the first quarter stalls at the 7:14 point and doesn't resume for quite some time) I really don't know what to think.

After all, if the poor and those who for whatever reason can't access cable broadcasts are denied the pleasure of watching the CFL live, the LEAST these heartless monopolists can do is post a decent copy on their website.