games mayor has actually attended

Seriously I wonder how many games he has actually been to.

I would say zero. He obviously has no sense of the historical significance and importance the Ticats have in the lives and well-being of lots of people in this city.

When the Ticats are playing, I see him doing a puzzle in a basement by himself.

Well...he does work at the puzzle factory.

This topic has come up before and it was pointed out that the mayor was the proud owner of 4 season tickets.

I would venture to say that these tickets are paid for by the tax payers and leave absolutely no drain on Freddy's

pocket book.

This would be a very typical perk that most alderman get as well, if they wish to indulge in this type of thing.

I would often see the Mayor at TiCat games last year (front row, Box C) but I haven't seen him yet this year.

Whether he's changed seats or keeps giving them away (probably wouldn't want to show his face at IWS) it's hard to say.

We'll see if he shows for the Labour Day game.

Usually politicians like to show up where there are crowds of people. I don't know if he's a football fan or not but he would know that a lot of potential voters go to the games....well maybe not now..haha! :cowboy:

who gives a s h i t

The following has been reported here recently: the mayor has been a season ticket holder for some time and currently has four season tickets that he pays for out of his own salary. Two of those he uses, the other two he donates to charity.

That is more than about 99.7% of Hamiltonians can say they do to support the Ticats.

You want to find what ails the Ticats, look at the overwhelming majority of Hamiltonians that haven't contributed a nickel to the Ticat's financial success in recent memory.


Source of your information on the mayor using his own salary to purchase tickets please>

Source of your information saying he donates two of his tickets to charity as well. What Charity?

(Oh, I know, "The Freddy Eisenberger Benevolent Fund"

source of your information saying he doesn't !!!!! please!!!

You read my post - I was open about where my information came from. I believe the poster provided info from the Spec or a similar source that seemed credible, it was challenged at that time and I checked it out at the original source. If you care enough to find the original occurrence, it is somewhere pages and pages back in one of these stadium-related posts. Happy digging.

But since you legitimately challenge me but then throw in a sarcastic remark, how many Ticat season tickets does your friend Brad Clark purchase with his own money, and how long has he been purchasing them? For the record. Since the premise of this thread is that that is a litmus test for something.

wow this was a stupid post...
If someone is going to say he buys the tickets with his own money and donates 2 for every game there's nothing wrong with asking for a source...

and if people are just going to throw stones and call a man names and a liar show a source!!! whats wrong with that ?

Eisenberber is a liar. He told the Ticats that he would welcome a facilitator's recommendation, but all the while, behind the scenes, he was stabbing them in the back by dealing with Katz and having tunnell vision on WH.

You must be the only pine cone in the world who is willing to defend Eisenberger on anything.

Show a source for what…
the guy asked for a source and you went crazy saying show a source that says it isn’t true.

Its been a daily event for the Spectator to illustrate that the mayor's actions are dishonest at best and at times well beyond that. It might actually be more appropriate that you showed a source of him telling the truth. I actually can't recall one in the entire stadium saga

well hes been truthful about where he wants the stadium...
I think he has stated it a few thousand times that we need a west harbor location :roll:

You know, blue, if that was true, and it isn't, well then that would say more about the world than it does about me. If it's true in your world, ...

I don't have an exclusive on the truth, but I'm comfortable with the amount of thought and research and experience that go behind my posts, so I really couldn't care less if some poster known mainly for name-calling calls me a pine cone. In fact, I'm kind of flattered.

Municipal politics didn't begin with the great stadium debate, but it's great that the stadium debate has got so many paying such close attention to municipal politics. Lucky for you, you have a chance to vote the "liar" out - use it.

Well Section, if its flattery you want, there are a lot of other names we could resort to in terms of your posts, but
since I don't know you, I'll leave that to someone who does, although, I would discourage that kind of behavior on a
sites like this or for that matter, anywhere.

When It come to the mayor however, sorry...the man is a liar!! I say this because this man is costing us all money
while making a mess of this city as he plods along with only one thing in mind; that being his pet West Harbour site.
As the floor paint closes in on him in his trapped corner, he'll have to get his feet wet soon.

Meanwhile there are several other issues in the city that have gone unaddressed because this idiot won't listen to anyone
else's reasoning.