Games 12 and 13. Montréal at Winnipeg then Winnipeg at Montréal

The next 2 games will be difficult. I don't see how the Alouettes could win a game, although we never know what may happen in professional sport.

Pour les prochaines parties, l'emphase devrait ˆêtre la course au sol. On devrait même faire jouer Cameron Artis-Payne, particulièrement si Jackson est blesé.

As I wrote in another topic, I expect Matthew Shiltz to be the starter, unless he's injured. If he's not injured and Trevor Harris does start, this tells me that Matthew Shiltz won't return with the Alouettes next season; If Trevor performs well, Danny may try to keep him for the next years.

Tony Washington should be replaced by Nick Callender; can't be worse.

More answers in the next days.


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If we don't see a better and more multi-dimensional ground game, that will be 100% on Khari Jones. It's the best course of action to take the pressure off the O-line (always easier to run-block than pass-block). We have Stanback, Jackson (possibly), Absher (possibly), and Artis-Payne. Attack all areas of the field with the ground game.

And do we need four American receivers when one of those receivers is Quan Bray, who has been magnificently useless this year? Dress a Canadian there and maybe we can get some much-needed help on the O-line.

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I honestly don't see how we stay competitive in these games, let alone win them. I will be delighted to be proven wrong, though!

The Bombers are a mighty machine. I will be ecstatic if we win one of the two games.

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I'm 100% die hard Bombers, but if a team wants to plays their Backups and rest the starters, the second to last game might be a good time to do so.
Wouldn't hurt my feelings if Montreal was hosting a ESF.

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CFL rosters are so small, you can only rest about a half a dozen starters, still leaves the Bombers a very strong football team.

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Off topic, but didn't know where to put this.

We (I) might have been cynical about Maciocia's draft focus on Quebec players, but 2 2020 draft choices and subsequent cuts - DL Benoit Marion & LB Jersey Henry have just been respectively signed by the Argos & Tiger-Cats.

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Players are signed by other teams all the time. If they turn out to be difference-makers, we can talk. But then we'd also have to talk about why Maciocia cut them. :wink:

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According to Pierre Vercheval of RDS, there is no debate in his mind with Shiltz and Harris. There is no debate to be had and the Alouettes "doivent s'en remettre à Trevor Harris.

He said that he had concerns with Matthew Shiltz before the game; he could not understand why, a few minutes before kickoff, Shiltz was sitting on the bench with his coat on; I watched the game on RDS and me too I was surprised to see him sitting on the bench; I even thought that he was not starting. Vercheval said that he did not like Shiltz body language when he was on the game. He did not seem motivated and Vercheval said that it does not give confidence to his teammates.

Contrary to yesterday and earlier today, I am more and more thinking that Trevor Harris will be the starter.


While this article by Mathieu Boulay starts off about the ceremony for Bowman, he later goes on to talk about Harris and how he believes he will be the starter against the Bombers.

This is very bizarre, given that Shiltz had been winning and seemed to have his coach's full confidence. Jones left him in for most of the game.

If Shiltz's confidence was so undermined by the bare fact of Harris dressing as the backup, well, he doesn't have the mentality of a winner IMO. You can't win longterm with someone that mentally fragile.

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C'était un peu la raison pour laquelle Hamilton n'avait pas prolongé le contrat de Calvillo. Lorsque ce dernier a travaillé avec Ham, il a reconstruit cette solidité mentale. Est-ce que Harris pourrait jouer ce rôle pour nos jeunes quarts-arrières? Il ne pourrait certainement pas le faire pour les deux, à moins qu'Adams n'accepte une sérieuse baisse de salaire. Je ne crois pas que ça va arriver.

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Harris ou Shiltz, si la ligne est aussi inepte, il ne sortira pas grand chose de cette partie. Les Bou! Bombers sont capables de nous battre avec leur équipe B contre notre équipe A. C'est une image, certes, mais côté profondeur, ça ne se compare pas.

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We have to be careful about the conclusions we make based on hypotemusing by a guy who writes a weekly column.
The answer lies in the injury... Was he injured enough to take away his preparation for the game and give it to Harris?

The answer to that question is the tell all.

If that was a lie then we can understand why Shiltz feels betrayed.

If he was injured enough not to practice then it becomes an attitude thing on his part.

Since this brutally dishonest league constantly plays hide and GFY with the fans about things like injuries. We can't tell. But I'm not going to cast a stone with a blindfold on.

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I didn't saw Winston Rose was back with Winnipeg, they just become even better... I wanted us to sign us but he probably wanted go to Winnipeg

As per the injury reports of Alouettes and Bombers, Matthew Shiltz was not at practice; he's apparently dealing with a knee injury issue.

Trevor Harris should be the starter; will Matthew be transferred to 1 game injury list? Possible.


Danny Macioca was just on 690 with Mitch Melnick and said Shiltz was banged up last week.

I'm not buying any of this. Not surprised they are hiding him.

If Matthew Shiltz was "banged up", why did he play /start? Last week game was important and had Harris started, the outcome could have been different. -A win?- In line with HfxTC, more of an excuse in order to start Trevor Harris. I agree with the fact that Harris will start, but don't try to hide the facts that Harris is a better option.

As per today's injury report, OL Philippe Gagnon is a full participant, while KR Jackson is limited.