I really didn't notice any of these in the Montreal game, but i'd like to see some more screen passes. I think we have the personal to make this work with Ranek and Holmes.
Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Anybody else have another plays they'd like to see the Offense try?

TELL ME YOUR sorry but where have you bin the past 3 games before yesterdays.. every play was a screen.. didnt work..

The TiCats rely way too much on their short game. They have to go deep occasionally to stretch the opposing D and get the LBs and DBs further off the line. No wonder the O-line is under such pressure all the time. The opposition can play up knowing the deep threat isn't there. And from what I saw last night, this corps of receivers isn't going to get it done either. Flick is good but if he's the best of the lot, that's a problem. Maas can do the job if he's given more tools.

An Argo fan

whoah! Sorry I asked. I work odd hours and don't get to watch much of the games. From the bit I got to watch last night I didn't see any.

might be a good thing you missed the games, cuz if you watched em you'd have no hair lol

How about we try and establish a running game!

One thing we didn't do last night was the hitch pass.

Gawd I miss that play. (Tongue FIRMLY in cheek here)