Gameplan: Rough up Burris

truth is, football's a rough game and if the whining refriders can't handle it, perhaps it's time to find a new sport. Badminton maybe?

Fact is, everything's been dealt with and I believe your team got a fine for the whining, didn't they?

Just as your team got a no call when Whiner Wally sent in a tape of the Perry hit on Dickenson, and players got ejected from 3 games this year. Edmonton, Sask and Calgary games, so what does that tell you?

It tells me football's a rough sport.

deb, why are you even in here? If you wanna bitch about the Riders, do it on your own forum.

because someone threw my team's name in to the mix and I have every right to "be here".

Hit Burris? Yes.
Hit him hard? Yes.
Hit him late? No way. How three people could vote yes is an embarassment.

You have a right to be here, yes, but you don't have the right to diss the Riders here. Just as posts are deleted from the BC forum when they're seen as disturbing, so will yours from here from this point on.

I accept that.

But please delete the one that caused me to feel the need to comment - the slanderous one that made me speak up. For it would be unfair for me to not be able to "defend" my team.

Believe me, I usually just "read" other's forums. But when my team is being accused of something, I'll speak up every time.

Negative...people may slam whatever team they want in the safety of their own forum...if you want to start a thread about how ridiculous the Riders are in the BC forum, would you expect me to delete that one, too? Didn't think so...

it wasnt plus 5 but it sure wasnt a frozen ball. Get over yourself. Why predict( or at least support) these non-factors before you know? I just looked at several weather reports and look what happened, they were right. It was absolutely gorgeous out for football in November in Regina.


Agreed...I was the second one to vote YES but only because I hit the wrong one...LOL.