Gameplan: Rough up Burris

Hello Riderland,

We all know that we need to rattle Burris to win this game.

As Headcoach, would you ask a player to give Burris a late hit?

(I am not saying "break his leg", but more to make him mad)


Not necessary. This is a game of inches and 15yds could be the difference in a game. There are plenty of non-consequencial actions that could enfuriate Hank.


yea like a JOSEPH FOR MOP!! sign...

Mr. Burris? I’d like for you to meet my lil friend, Mr. Perry…

In this stadium, you gotta make the sacks first. Then when you get the sacks, you get the win. Then when you get the wins, then you get the Grey Cup.

Saskatchewan doesn't need to play dirty like BC to win this game.

I agree...but I know for myself, the sight of Mr. Perry comin' at me again and again would be enough to rattle me...hope Burris brings a change of underpants...

Hey if the defense plays up to its potential. They will be in Burris face all day long.

Just don't do anything stupid.

It's all about contain this game. Keep Burris in the pocket, and don't let him move around, we get the win. Let Shultz and Chunky (is he playing?) get the sacks.

I'd love to see a nice clean SMACK from the helmet to the chin of Burris! have to put in Sankey.

I hope Stancil is playing. Its good news that Frazier and Chunky are back, especially frazier. There is a big difference in the de when Stancil and Frazier are in there.

I hope he doesnt! Then he'll be even more rattled!


It's goint to be a very close, hard fought game. Riders do have injuries which helps us Stamps. If Sask. contains Burris and doen't let him outside the pocket they have a chance.The same holds true for the Stampeders. In a cold wheather game containment is very important as is stopping the run. It is much harder for the quarterback to throw a frozen brick.

The last time I checked things dont freeze at +5.


First thing the Riders have to do which works very well against Burris lots of pressure a few incomplete passes along with a few sacks, when Burris gets in the groove he's hard to stop, but if you get him out of his rythm early he really starts to panic and gets off his game. And whats with al this Fred Perry talk? i love the guy but one player that has really come around is John Chick i like this guy.

You can't make me not want Perry to smear're not the boss of me...:stuck_out_tongue:

Game time only +4. That's at 4 in the afternoon it will be droping in temp. as the game goes on.

Its not going to be +5 after 4pm…

this is SO old, time to move on and focus on your team.

Truth hurts does it debra?