Gameplan for week 20

Guys, if you were the coach, what would your gameplan be against the Argos? Maybe Jim Popp is nervously awaiting our suggestions. :wink: Let's help the guy out...


  • Start Cahoon and Stala and slotbacks, Watkins and Terrence Edwards at wideout. If Stala isn't performing or if he or Cahoon is injured, move Edwards in and add Wilson on the outside.

  • Leave Anderson out of this game. He needs to think about his future. If Uzuma Okeke was benched for two weeks because of his mistakes, Anderson must get the same treatment. If we really need to send him on the field because everyone is injured, send him as a wideout, NOT a slotback.

  • Use more often a two backs backfield, and use the runners as receiving targets. Edwards, Vilimek and Piercy all have good hands. Let's make the most out of it.

  • Calvillo is a great QB. He does a lot of things right. But I have never seen in my life an experienced QB that makes such crappy handoffs to the running back. Spend a full day of practice on that if you want, but that has to improve. By the time the tailback finally get the ball, everyone on defence has noticed it is a running play.

  • While we're at it, a shotgun formation running play should be used about once every game, just to fool your opponents into thinking you'll pass. Doing it on every single drive just puts you on a very VERY bad position to gain more than two yards.

  • Alternate Okeke, Fritz, Macauley and Allen all game to have someone fresh to protect Calvillo at all time. Tell them the best linemen of the four will get the playing time in the playoffs.

  • On 2nd and short - no more Edwards running up the middle. You've already tried that 218 times this year. Last time, my girlfriend called it before the play. If she knew it, trust me, the opposing DC was already celebrating the upcoming punt.

  • Use the option. Calvillo rushes alongside the tailback and yes, if the lane is opened Calvillo must be ready to run. Really. I mean... I'm not saying this as a joke... QBs do run, you know...

  • Speaking of that, most of the running TDs Calvillo had in his career came off the naked bootleg. Where was that play this year?

  • Add trick plays that will make the defense wonder what you have in store. Watkins and Terrence Edwards are fast enough to perform nice reverse plays. Dave Stala throws perfect spirals. Stewart can play on both sides of the ball. The Als have enough versatile players to catch other teams off guard. Send Marcus Brady as a receiver to confuse the defence. Make a big lateral during the return game. Ask Duval to make the ball bounce off the first defender on kickoff, WHATEVER! No matter if these plays succeed, the ARgos will know unorthodox stuff is coming.


  • If the quarterback already finished his motion, stop, move around him, show you do what you can to avoid contact, retreat and go after the receiver. Do whatever you like, but don't hit him. Your partners in coverage are doing whatever they can to force a turnover. Don't risk negating one.

  • You don't need to blitz six or seven men to put pressure on the QB. Just to find a new spot to attack that o-line. Calvillo was sacked countless time this year by a four men or three men rush. We can do it too, but not if we always rush the QB from the two corners.

  • If you blitz Kai Ellis, send a defensive end back in coverage. We've already surrender the midfield way too many times this season.

  • Disguise all play as if you were about to blitz. And don't blitz. If the QB feels its coming, he'll get rid of the ball faster anyways.

  • When you tackle an opponent, try to keep him up for a moment, so your closest teammate can try to knock the ball out of his hands.

  • Damon Allen WILL rush through the middle if pressure comes from the outside. Leave someone there for him.

  • Tony Miles and Arland Bruce are too fast for Darrell Crutchfield and possibly Sanchez. Karikari and Cox are about at par with them speed-wise.

  • Butler and Truluck are marked men in th eyes of the referees. They must be angels now. The tiniest questionable call involving them will not go the Als way.


  • Fine players for avoidable penalties. Bench any player who repeats a majour foul. Don't wait untill he collects five or six of them.

What else guys?

I especially like the notion of using the fullbacks as receivers.The use of fullback screen passes has been missing from the playbook this year.The screen pass is a valuable tool not just for gaining yardage but for reducing the pass rush on the QB.Also,I like the idea of benching Anderson-sometimes it appears that he does not make a real effort to complete his patterns

T&T, the HC position is still “open” for next year… :wink:

Great work, but I personaly thinks it’s too little too late…we’re stuck into a system and we’ll die with it when the season ends in November !

I know XGamer, but does it have to end on November 5? Can't we find the little things that would keep us playing two more weeks?... You know... just so we could get crushed in front of 3 million people by whoever represents the West...

I concur with most all of the suggestions (great minds think alike....and all Als fans have great minds, yes?).

At receiver though I'd have Wilson and Watkins wide, Edwards and Cahoon in the slot, Stala as backup. BENCH ANDERSON.

We can't, by the way T&T, use Tango McAuley anymore, he left the team. I agree with the idea of shuttling O-linemen on perhaps every play...they could also bring in an idea or two to AC from the bench while they're at it.

In a two-back backfield, if he's healthy I'd like to see Diedrick in there alongside Edwards....would be a bit more confusing to the opposing defence. And let's face it, if we make it somehow to the Grey Cup, it's outside in Winnipeg....cold, could be nasty weather...we'll need a running game.

Third, while I agree with just about everything you posted initially, I don't think any of it will materialize. Why? Because this team has had a whole season to get its act together and it has failed miserably in every area. Home semi, away semi, or home final -- whoever we play is going to wipe the floor with us. I don't like saying that as an Als fan, but it's the truth. We're going to get destroyed, and then hopefully Popp will do what's necessary: purge all the slackers and seriously reevaluate every member of the coaching staff (god, please fire Bellefeuille!).

My allusion to season ends in November..meant ending on Sunday Nov 19th, 2006 around 10:00pm EST.

I sure want our boys to play in the Grey Cup game, since I had everything booked since April, but I think I may "jinxed" them, each time I go to Grey Cup they don't even get there...(i.e. 2001 & 2004).

I think this team needs an Offensive Coordinator calling the plays, and not Calvillo. It seems as though the Als only have 5 plays in the playbook.

If I were to change anything, I'd tell Calvillo to THROW THE BALL TO CAHOON. Not Anderson! Watkins is good but is it worth taking a chance to throw 20 yards to the sideline, only to get picked, especially against Toronto, and Mr.Calvillo of all people should know that from experience.

Agreed. There was a time when Calvillo excelled at calling his own plays. This year, his playcalling is stale as week-old bread, and he doesn’t seem to be able to adjust his calls quickly enough to exploit patterns he sees in the opposing team’s defence, which is the whole point of a quarterback calling his own plays. At this rate, we’re better off letting Strasser do the playcalling.

If I were to change anything, I'd tell Calvillo to THROW THE BALL TO CAHOON.
Yes, but other teams know that Cahoon is our only consistent threat, so they'll put two guys on him at all times. Calvillo can't always throw to Cahoon. I'd like to see Stala regain his form as a solid possession receiver: someone other than Cahoon who'll make the tough catch, pick up the necessary yardage, and move the chains.
Not Anderson! Watkins is good but is it worth taking a chance to throw 20 yards to the sideline, only to get picked, especially against Toronto, and Mr.Calvillo of all people should know that from experience.
Thing is, for every good play Watkins makes, he drops a ball or fails to get open about five times. He's got to be more consistent, because Anderson is a useless sack of crap and should only be used at wideout in five or six-receiver formations. I can't wait until they cut this guy.

Disciplin, I am TOTALLY with you about firing Bellefeuille. That guy held back the running backs and receivers in Saskatchewan, and now he did it here. Two times shows the Riders players were not the problem. Bellefeuille was.

As for Watkins, I was not a fan of him last season. But I've got to admit that guy sure looks like a guy who really loves football. He was one of our rare guys who showed intensity all year long, alongside Eric Lapointe and Kai Ellis.

Sure, Watkins drops way too much. But he at least wants to make the play and I must say I am glad to see anyone with heart on that field these days.

True enough. Watkins has the heart and the will; he’s also great at generating yards after catch. I just question his hands. He drops too many balls in key situations. For a receiver, that’s a big minus. Before anything else, secure the ball.

Of course, he’s certainly better than Anderson, who’d have to actually TRY To catch a ball before he could be in a position to drop it. God, I hate Anderson.

As for the team missing heart, I wholeheartedly agree. Only a handful of guys leave it on the field. The rest mail it in.

The Als have raised a lot of questions this year. But this particular post answers the one regarding the next head coach.
I say they should hire Third and Ten. Who's with me?

Ditch Wilson for sure.
Don't know where he came from, but send him back.
Throw to Cahoon, Watkins and Edwards all day.
Maybe try Anderson for a couple long balls. As much as he may slack, he really is the only deep threat.
I really think this team is done though unfortunately.
Regarding Calvillo, as much as he may have been a little off this year, god help them if he gets hurt.

Yeah, I can't believe that despite all the moves we made in the offseason to shore up our backup QB situation, we're STILL no better off than when we had Ted "I ate our last offensive coordinator" White. Greene is done here, and Brady has been equally brutal (I'm still sore about that third-down retarded fumble against Winnipeg that cost us the game). Strasser has to do a better job with our backup pivots. It's ludicrous that they are so poor in game situations. I don't care if they spend the whole season with the headsets on -- why are ours so much worse than any other team's backups? And with the pounding Calvillo has taken this year, having a decent backup is more of a priority than ever.

[quote="disciplineandpunish"]Yeah, I canBC has the best backup quarterbacks in the CFL because they play in games. Even the best players can become rusty without game experience. Before playing, backups receive extensive training. Also BC is great at finding star talent.


Actually in a way it's kind of sad not to have Ted White to kick around anymore.....

But I agree Nealon Greene has been brutal, and I was glad to see Brady leapfrog him into second spot on the depth chart. Now yes his crucial fumble was a bad brain cramp, but given playing time I still think Brady can develop into a CFL calibre QB.

And I am no longer to be counted among the O'Neil Wilson bashers; I think he's improved leaps and bounds this year, and if it continues we have another valuable Canadian receiver....he and Stala will have to take over when Ben retires.

Brady has never been consistantly successful in his pro career, not sure why he would start now.

Yeah, to me Brady is like Michael Bishop: athletic, gifted, given countless chances to prove himself, and never coming through.

Palmer might be an option for next season. I'm seriously hoping that the CFL goes back to its old footballs, because the new one has screwed Calvillo's mechanics up big time.

We can agree to disagree; I still think Brady has some upside potential....I can remember several QBs who started slowly but developed into stars (AC certainly being one).

But, if we go into next year with AC, Brady, and Palmer, I think we'll be okay. Send Greene to that bar where Ted White, Pat Crowley, Pat Barnes, and Stanley Jackson hang out.....