So the day is finally here! We get to find out who is going to Grey Cup 07! This isnt a thread for bashing, and if you are going to, please refrain from posting. Here’s to a (hopefully) good, clean day of football!

Go Riders! And good luck to your team! (Oh and check the sig!;))

Should be an exciting day! Of course, if I don't get my butt in bed soon I'll probably sleep right through the East Final. :lol:

so's to a great game.

I can't sleep tonight

Is it just me, or has it seemed like this week has taken FOREVER.

May the best teams win today.

I almost forgot there was an actual game to play. All I could think of was the pregame hype, trash talk, attendance threads, etc!

There's an actual game people!

It has taken forever for today to get here... lol

Gametime is in just over 11 hours. I'm thinking of heading down to the stadium 4 hours early and just soaking in the street party and everything around BC Place.

Time to check the weather forecast...

Looks like 8 degrees and partly sunny!

Thats good.

God bless the CFL playoffs

Good Luck Saskatchewan. Let's hope our two teams are playing next week. Like you sig Jman135. Let's hope other Sask players can do that as well.

I'm so excited I woke up before six this morning. I'm never up that early! Now I'm just trying to figure out how I'll kill the four hours between now and kickoff. Go Bombers!

Good Morning Blue_Dragoon. I surfing back and forth between the Bomber site and Saskatchewan. Haven’t been the yet. Going there now. Have a good day and enjoy the game.

Thanks cflwpg! Same to you. :wink:

Make us all happy and blow them away! I could use a good screensaver!

Here's to four great teams, a bunch of Americans and Canadians and the one Cup that unites them, a handful of zebras that can toss orange kerchiefs, moustaches and melons, boats and bombers, tons of thundersticks and tailgates in tow!!!

And 100,000 screaming fans in attendance.

Oh yeah, and here's to the two domed stadiums and all the Canned Noise you can eat!!!

Go CFL and Long Live the Canned Noise!!!

who needs x-mas when u have CFL playoffs?

bada ba ba ba, im Loving

( im lucky, living within driving distance of both the argos and ticats...better chances of attending CFL playoffs every year )

It must be Christmas, this is the second page and the thread is still civil. Good luck Bombers and to you too Riders.

Although I've been looking forward to this all week, I am still trying to figure out how to fill the Friday night football void????

same...and saturday.