GAMEDAY: Ticats @ Lions 10PM

Not my point. Anyone who knows any football can see that. Not like he came up with some grat thought no one else can see!

The point is he is and always been a Ticat hater...and he is a slimebag

Interesting points by Drew Edwards:

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 1m1 minute ago I thought #Ticats could have challenged the high hit on Collaros and offensive PI on the TD.
Alright, time to get in this game.

Here I am, back from 35 days in Europe for our 40th anniversary, and I want to see a good game. Not starting well at all.

I was shouting for both on both plays

Great pass.. great catch CO2

Alright! That's the Zach we remember!

Deep one to Owens gets us to FG range!


Maher gives the Cats 3

Zach still showing some rust?

Would've preferred answering that TD with a TD, but Maher gets easy FG. 8-3 BC.

Did you post that BEFORE he kicked it.... or is your cable system ahead of mine? :smiley:

Maybe HTD was just that sure Maher would get that FG. :slight_smile:

BC goes 2 and out

Just the amazing HTD

Okay, this is eerie. This showed up less than 2 seconds after the play finished on my TV. HTD is better than the Amazing Kreskin!

Alright, D forces 2 and out. BC lost 2 yards that drive.

We start at our 35. Would like to see that reduction in turnovers and two and outs we're expecting...

:lol: :lol: :D 8) 8) :lol: :lol:

I bet Collaros hands off to Speedy B here

Zach with the FD!!

Did you also enjoy see seeing Zach running for the FD coming? :slight_smile:

Matter of fact... I did!