GAMEDAY: Ticats @ Lions 10PM

Still no sign of Oskee-oui-oui... wonder what happened?

Ticats take on the Lions tonight at 10pm.. Zach attack back running the O.


You have to think the Lions will be going after Collaros' knee. If we give him good protection, I think we'll have a chance in this one.

I can only hope that that you mean "going after Collaros' knee" in the metaphorical sense, as in "testing" his knee by forcing Zach to roll out of the pocket or step up to avoid the rush. I hate the thought that anyone would intentionally try to re-injure a fellow player's knees, in what could be a career ender?

My biggest fear isn't the offence, because I honestly think Jerimiah and the offence did a credible job. My concern is the slow starts and the seeming unpreparedness of Hamilton to deal with the oppositon defences and offensive schemes. And not just last week - it has been at least 4 of the previous 6 games. Also, the tackling has been suspect, more like they are going for the strip fumbles, especially on run backs. Lastly, the over-abundance of ST penalties for holding and illegal blocks has been deadly. Upshot is too many short fields for the opposition, too many long fields for the Ti-Cats.

So - IMO the key will be improving the tackling fundamentals on defence and STs, and correcting the penalites on ST run backs. As has been said on other threads and posts, Speedy B has got to run up field and avoid the east-west, downfield cuts, to help the ST blockers make clean blocks.

But, to answer the original question, I, as always, think Hamilton will win the game (Hamilton +8 on the predictor), even though they don't take advantage of my brilliant coaching tips which I constantly try to pass along through the TV screen? :smiley:

Cats will be wearing the white jerseys and gold pants combo for tonight's tilt.

game time says 10 pm, but tsn says 11 pm???

Game time people!

Did anyone else watch this Stamps-Riders game? Quinn van Gylswyk hit the upright on an attempt from 40 when his team needed him to get the FG, with them being down by six with a few minutes left in the 4th. He did get one from 54 yards earlier, but also missed from 40 earlier. The decision to let Medlock go is looking good, and maybe we’re also seeing why this team did not draft van Gylswyk.

Anyway, Stamps beat that team that keeps getting fined. :slight_smile:

Well, it’s 11:00 p.m. Atlantic time. :slight_smile:

It does say 10:00 p.m. ET here:

TSN4 is scheduled to have the TFC game in Houston on from 9-11 and then they were going to join the Cats game in progress. But right now it is delayed by thunderstorms in Houston so for now they are showing football.

The Cats game is really only scheduled to be on TSN 1, 3 and 5. It may start on TSN4 if still raining in Houston - but if you are watching on that channel it may suddenly flip to the TFC game if that delayed game does start later tonight.

I see 10pm BYF…

BTW… .good to see you again


I don't know if I'll watch all of this one. But I would like to see Zach get the rust off and this this team show how good it can be with its best QB playing.

Speaking of Zach, I'll just post this tweet from him here:

Zach Collaros ?@ZCollaros7 6h6 hours ago Thank U all for the well wishes&luck! Very humbled by everybody's support! Cant wait 2 get back out there with my teammates 2nite! #GoCatsGo

Slimie Climie is such an idiot Ticat hater

So evident every time he opens his pie hole

Slimie Climie - LOL!!! Good one! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Game on!

ON the re-kick after the offside call against BC, Banks takes it to our 34, but facemask gives Zach nice field position in his return!

We're happy to see Zach back, and I'm sure he's happy to be back out there!

Aw come on. I don't like him at all. But his comments about not knowing how good this team is are spot on, aren't they? There HAVE been some non-QB problems.

OUCH! What a way to start.

Oh, not good protection for Zach as he gets hit, fumbles, and it's turned over. Was thinking we'd see less of that now that Masoli is on the sidelines.

First play after that, BC TD. Ouch.

Going for the 2 pointer. BC is playing the odds and its worked for them this season. I can't remember where the stat analysis is now but it showed the house edge to the 2 pointer with the kicked point after going from further out.

Interesting that they'd go for 2 at this point, but they get it. 8-0 BC.

OK, Zach may need to get that rust off soon.