Gameday Presentation

It's bad enough watching out team play inept football. Now we still have to put up with a brutal game day presentation.

  1. The music. How many times do they repeat the same song over and over? It is really getting on my nerves, and the rest of the season ticket holders in section 7. Let's Get it Started and Pump it by the Black Eyed peas over and over. Something like this shouldn't bother us but it seems to be driving a lot of fans crazy. Don't play Another One Bites the Dust when we're losing going into the half. That is just rubbing it into our own fans faces.

  2. Jason Farr. After we take a facemask penalty while forcing a player out of bounds, we have to hear something along the lines of "a nice play by our defence." Are you serious? We just gave up a huge play and again have it rubbed into our faces. In the 4th he says Ricky Williams is the ball carrier. Umm...yeh...see Jason...he's been injured for the past few weeks. Sandy "cold and refreshing" Beveridge? This isn't the WWF. "2 and out for our defence," after we give up and penalty and are still on the field. Brutal. Mistakes happen, but this guy embarrasses our team and fans game in and game out for the past 3 seasons. Time to go.

  3. Commercials. Please save commercials for the TV timeouts. After a few outstanding plays tonight we were forced to watch a commercial for Beer Fest, or whatever that movie is called. It's great to make money, but please save them for TV timeouts. During the game we would like to see replays.

I attend many sports events around Canada and the US and notice the game day presentation per taking Sport Management in school. I really shouldn't let something bother me like this, but I just can't take it anymore. Each game over the past 3 seasons is becoming less enjoyable.

Here’s to winning next week in Sask


Actually- the worst song selection was the interception against us with five minutes left.

It was, "Should I stay or should I go?"

Most people knew the answer by that point.

The one thing that killed me with the presenation was, in a stadium with 29 010 people in it, why did we give a set of binoculors away to a guy in an NFL jersey.

Absolutely Right. The situation with the programming, and especially the music is ludicrous. The people who run that part of the show clearly believe that they are more important than the product on the field.

Tonight, in the first quarter, they actually had it close to right. They held back on the music before plays, and the crowd ‘got into the game’. However, as the second quarter went on, they more and more went back to their old habit of playing the music right up to the snap. This takes the crowd, the defence’s 13th man, out of the game. The music was also, once again, played over the announcer, and even over some adverts. And if I hear “Why are you so quiet?” one more time…

I’m fed up with it. If I want to listen to music I’ll buy a CD, or go to a concert. I’ll get the music I want to hear, and better sound quality too. If I want to listen to some idiot spouting fatuous remarks and making love to his ego, I’ll tune in a TV or radio talk show. I go to a football game, and pay good money to do so, to see a football game. If the peripherals enhance my enjoyment of the game, that’s great but not essential. If the peripeherals detract from my enjoyment, as they do now, they reduce the chance of my returning.

First of all, great post! I agree with everything and couldn't have said it better myself.

Secondly and most importantly, Jason Farr is a complete disgrace and needs to go!! Does he even follow or know anything about the CFL or our football team?? By the sounds of it, he has no clue what's going on.

Some solid points regarding Jason were already made by foreskin_pete and somebody else already mentioned the Ricky Williams mistake he made as well. How in the world could he think for a second that Ricky Williams was in the game?? In case he's been living under a rock, somebody should've informed him before the game that the former NFL star that was signed to a huge contract by the Argos is currently on the injured list.

If you think that's bad, how about him saying "Josh Ranek's 45 yard punt taken by Arland Bruce". Okay, sure their jersey numbers are close (9 and 6) but the last time I checked Ranek is our running back, not our punter.

The guy has good spirit and a great voice, but sometimes you need more then that......and you especially need a little bit of knowledge about football, the league and our team. I'm convinced now that he has none of the above.

"Mistakes happen, but this guy embarrasses our team and fans game in and game out for the past 3 seasons."

Well said and 100% right!

I agree with everything you say. This is supposed to be the Caretakers strong suit, the game day experience. If the team is playing like "you know what" and now the game day experience is annoying people, there will certainly be lots of available seats for the faithful fans.

P.S., it is hard to take someone seriously who is named Foreskin Pete. :lol: :lol:

You know what the main problem with the gameday presentation is?

The on-field product is miserable, beyond awful.

Austin was fired for much less than this.

I think Jason Farr has an excellent voice for PA. If he's ticking off a lot of fans for his limited football knowledge, perhaps we should bring in a more knowledgeable football guy for the play-by-play but keep Jason for the player intros and what I will call a "colour" PA announcer.

This was the arrangement in the 90s - Bill Stirrup, Bill Kelly, and even Anne Riches.

player intors are just as bad "sandy cool refreshing beveridge"

I'm glad someone posted something on the music because I forgot to on my post on "Food and Beverages in the Stadium". Anyway my comments are that I don't mind the music but not after every single play. I realize sponsors need to be catered to; but can we please not play music all the time. I would like a little peace sometimes between plays.Please review when you play music or how many times it gets played. I'm not suggesting getting rid of it at all as young new fans appreciate music and those are our fans of the future.

ESPECIALLY don't play music when the home team is trying to run the hurry-up offence! That's happenned in each of the last two home games.

"Ziggy s**ked up into his mind"

Two points to Sigpig for catching the reference! :rockin: