Gameday - Lions vs Tigers

Go Hamilton. Beautiful run to start it off by Cauley. Love to watch the Leo's fall apart.

Hey, it's early. Don't get too excited.

An how Logan protects the ball after a reception, when he's being tackled.

Go Lions.

Woooohooooo! Logan.

Love to watch the Ticats fall apart.


TD BC!!!!

At least Bishop tackles the guy when he throws an interception. He made Printers look like a tool there.

Couple of letdowns in the red zone from a couple of last-place teams.

BC's starting to put it together now.

Man, I love Clermont's ability to make yards happen after the fact.


Geez...the Ticats are beating themselves here. Good for us.

Things are looking good now!! Sometimes i wonder if the Ti-cats play harder for Richie than they do for Casey. He is running for his life half the time while Williams usually has a bit more time....but then again i dont watch the Cats closely.

Damn Logan is fastttttt!!

I like that Pierce's confidence seems to be growing with each and every play...hopefully he stays healthy. He's definitely our QB.

Wahoo...another TD!!!!

Wow on the sack it looked like Printers just took a knee.

Printers got up and yelled at his Lineman. If it's true that the players like Williams....and perhaps dont like Printers and his high salary....that cant be good or SAFE for the guy.

Man the o-line sucks.

I think it's about his attitude too...he's not a good team player and his finger pointing can't help the team. So glad he's not here anymore.

I mean, if it was all about his salary, I think his team would "learn" to accept him if he were a good team player who was getting the job done. He's not, so it makes it easier for them to resent him, if that's indeed the case.

Cats look horrible, no sense of urgency.

lol how true was this statement?

Yeah I dont think players should resent each other over salaries either…i mean they all try to make as much as they can. He always had a me first attitude and I thought he would grow up from his time in BC but it doesn’t look like it. He will make his million dollars from this contract and be done.

He just doesn’t seem like a SMART QB. he has all the talent in the world but doesnt have the smarts or instincts of a Ricky Ray for example.

Printers if definitely overpriced. Cats fans are super protective of this guy! Too bad the O-line doesn't feel the same.

LOL, how many guys was that taking Clermont down?....8?