Gameday Chat rooms

So are the game day chats going to show up in the sidebar on Game day or how is that going to work? I would guess that until everyone starts making the switch there will be a thread with a link for the first little while until everyone figure it out…

I definitely enjoyed the experience yesterday during the pre-season game. It was easy to follow and had better flow than the forum posting we have been using for sure.

With the streaming game I just opened and streamed to my TV from Chrome and opened a chat in a different browser session.

i will give it a go again next weekend. there will still be game day topics during the season that get auto-posted as usual and i think users should have the option to use the game chat channel or the topic (or both).

i will also try out dedicated team chat channels next weekend for the ti-cats and alouettes fans at least. if @Grover likes it, then i’m sure a lot of the older guys might like it. the real time activity does make it easier to follow and you can do other stuff on the forum at the same time.


I personally can’t wait for team-specific chat channels. As GG says, the number of real-time updates is well-suited to that chat format. But I agree that folks who just want to post in the old-school game threads should continue to have that option.

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just a note - comments in chat can be flagged so content will still be moderated. chat doesn’t mean a free for all (HELLO TICAT FANS I’M TALKING TO YOU) lol.

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