Gameday bus from Saskatoon

Hi Riderville, am headed to the season opener on June 29 and am wondering where I can get info about fan buses from Saskatoon? Do they exist? Would be great to go down with a bunch of Riders.

Did you ever find info on this? Sorry nobody replied.

I know there are buses from a few places in Saskatoon including Circle mall. Hopefully someone will chime in with more info for that...probably more what you seek

thanks for the reply, i appreciate that! got in touch with charlie last week but didn't hear back from him, so have arranged to drive down and stay in regina.

would be great to know if anyone has info on any other buses because i'd like to go to a few games this year :cowboy:

if nothing else, swing by circle mall on the way to this game and ask them for will see several buses.

well, actually as luck would have it my ride fell through, and i was near the mall when i saw this, so this information came in handy today! i got the number of a second service from the helpful lady at the riders store :slight_smile:

so, what i’ve found out for other people interested:

i found two bus services going from saskatoon to riders games.
they both leave from centre mall (8th & circle).
they both cost $50.

option 1:
charlie’s charters
306 873 8808
accepts credit cards.
can book online.
leaves four hours before kickoff.
leaves the stadium immediately after the game.
also offers a package that includes a ticket to the game, sitting with other people on the bus.

option 2:
carlson wagonlit
306 652 0161
cash only.
need to buy at their office downtown, it’s on 22nd b/w 2nd & 3rd next to subway.
leaves saskatoon three hours before kickoff.
leaves the stadium immediately after the game.
snack provided on the return trip.

i went with charlie because of the ease of booking and an earlier arrival to get a bit of the pre-game in.

thanks again for your help!

good info
I've heard of people just paying at the bus...but you are rolling the dice with that