GAMEDAY: Argos @ Winnipeg

Game underway 2:08pm eastern time from IGF in Winnipeg.

As per usual Mik O'Shea leaving lots to game-time decisions, especially Andrew Harris.

If Argos play to the level they did in last week's evisceration of the Ticats they should have no problem forcing bombers to keel over and quit.

This one's easy. Argos by 12+, regardless of how many screamers in Winnipeg crowd! :cowboy:

Hope you're right about the Argos winning. The Blue Bombers are on a hot streak, though they haven't really beaten healthy top teams in that stretch. I'm anxious to see if last week's LeFevour was a one-off or if he can control the offence like that again.

It's early but Dan is the difference, elusive.
We may have found a permanent QB.

LeFevour is good - just wish he was playing for anyone BUT the Argos!

If the Peggers can get some red zone production going instead of always going to the reliable Medlock, they could put the Argos away. The defense should be able to stop the blue offense - even with Dan at the helm. At least I'll be cheering for them to do just that! Ticats defense did NOT have their best game last week against their old teammate.

Heh, I hear you. It was difficult but I was cheering for Hamilton last night just because I want to see the Cats and Argos meet up in the playoffs rather than a wildcard Western team crossing over. I'll be cheering for Sask tomorrow for the same reason.

Ouch, that knee. Hope he'll be all right.

Settling into be a defensive battle here with the Argos picking off Nichols - or not. Didn't maintain control of the ball - break for the Peggers here.

Absolutely - he didn't land well at all! Medlock adds another FG to put the Peggers ahead.

Not sure I agree with that UR call on Dan - and the penalty is rescinded. He was not in the pocket and was running with the ball.

So, "eye in the sky" can overturn roughing the passer call. Too bad they didn't do that when it cost Ottawa a game against Edmonton.

Wow, tremendous effort for Dan as he dodges Westerman gets out of the pocket rolls out and finds Kenny Shaw on a nice throw down field.
It's official I am making the call we have a new QB.

Then the special teams screws up and the kick off return.

YEAH QUINCY!!!! Great return there off the KO! :thup:

Don't recall the incident in Ottawa but Le Fevour wasn't in the pocket but out of it running with the ball. I thought it was a bad call.

Textbook 2 minute drill type TD from Dan and the gang.

Guys, even though it's still very early, I'm a huge fan of lefevour. Scrambles well, doesn't rely on the o-line, and doesn't pick favourites.

This is someone you want as a franchise QB, as a good scrambler is the sign of an intuitive quarterback.

He's looking good and the team has been exciting over the last 3 halves. :thup:

Nice kick by Medlock - yes he is money - but if the Peggers keep answering TDs with FGs hey aren't going to be successful. They need to get some red zone production.

Exciting game.

This has been an awesome game even my 2 year old is glued to it, exciting plays all game.

Early incredible drive again, just when you think he cannot top the previous half.
He has now thrown for 4 TD's.