Game7 VS.Montreal

Ok, I think this will be a good bounce back game for us. I know it's AC, but he's missing his best pass catcher in Richardson and not to mention the obvious glaring struggles of Montreal, but where I think we win BIG TIME is in the trenches. Our pass rush against an OLine that has given up a ton of sacks and a QB who will eat the turf with a pressure in his face. Not to mention a D that was somewhat embarrassed in their second home a week prior. I think the O will have a good game, I don't know if they'll dominate as they have earlier in the season but they'll have a good game none the less. I think another big plus for us, is that this is at home. We always seem to bounce back well when we play at home.
My prediction:
32-17 Riders.

Montreal has one of the better defenses in the league, but they've been pretty bad offensively and have turned the ball over a ton. If they can make them cough up some turnovers early, and keep the Montreal D on the field they'll wear them down eventually.

I'm hoping for a statement game, 60 complete minutes of smash mouth football from the Riders.

Could not agree more, no more of this do nothing in the first half then go wild last half. They need to play 4 solid quarters!!

Als always give the Riders a good game in Regina , you have 2 teams that are coming off losses , hope no one is surprised by the winner of this one , if green drops this one - oh - oh

I expect the Riders to play a pretty solid game--maybe even a complete game. Rider's nemesis, Richardson, won't be in the game, so that's a plus for the Riders. I expect Montreal will be bringing a lot of heat on D, but I also think Coach Cortez will find ways to burn them on that. Rider O-line has to step up and be real good for Riders to dominate. On D I think our pass rush can and will cause Mr. Calvillo to have a long and unsuccessful day.

40-10 Riders is my guess. :cowboy:

Not sure what the score will be. I expect Dressler will have his usual good game against Montreal. Riders will score at least 5 TDs (3 catches, 2 runs). Montreal who knows? Injuries, Calvillo throwing about as bad as I've seen him, no star RB, about their best part is the D. Calvillo will get sacked, a lot I'm thinking. He'll be pee'od.

43 to 17

What is stunning is that if Sheets has an really good game he could actually break 1000 yards in this game! He is 155 yards away, so it would need to be a pretty great game, and I don’t think he will do it, but the real possibility is there that he could break 1000 after only 7 games.

I think that the Riders will miss McHenry in this game, as he seemed to be a pretty large factor against the Als last season. Their late season game was where he really stood out as a legitimate part of the O.

I believe there will be 2 – 100 yard Rider receivers…Smith and someone else, but I am not sure who…

I believe DD will throw his first interception, and that this game will be within 10 points. 34-28 Riders

Great points! The crazy thing is even if sheets doesn't break 1000 this week he'll def do it next week with a Sherritless D. 1000 yards by week 10?? Wow

I have to bring you folks back down to earth. The Allouettes continue to be the Rider's nemesis. Doesn't matter where they are in the standings, this team finds a way to take us down. If there's a group of guys more motivated to win a game this weekend, its Montreal. We tend to win in bunches and lose in bunches and if we thought the Calgary game was a measuring stick, this game will surely be it. Let's hope we see the team we saw early in the season - full throttle, boots on the throat, no quarter.

Last week Ricky Ray had all day to throw. The Als can get to the QB but it has to be almost all blitzes and I think lately their opposition has learned how to pick up Hebert and Emry or whoever else they send. Als D is pretty good but if the iders can protect Durant, there could be a lot of points on the board by both sides this week.

On the other side of the ball, the Als offense is a playbook in transition - or at least the play calls and wrinkles. Difficult to say how reliable game footage of them is right now, and AC always seems to have huge games against Sask.

I do not expect the Als to put the ball on the ground 3 times on special teams this week.

Can't wait for this one, we draw the line in the sand after last week and move on :smiley:

This game will not be close IMO. Riders build up a huge lead by halftime and coast into a win, with Montreal maybe making the score a bit more respectable once the game is out of reach. If we had even a halfway functional offense, I'd be more hopeful, but our offensive unit can't go two plays without shooting itself in the foot. Against a veteran DC like Richie Hall and on the road, we don't stand a chance...

We all know what AC is capable of, and this is generally speaking the same group of players that have had success. 1 year removed does not add up to AC's showings...that is coaching, and they have attempted to fix that. Last week was like a preseason game under fire for these guys...but AC is a super intelligent QB and will pick up the playbook fast. The truth is, we really don't know what to expect from the Als in this game until we see it.

Through six games this year, AC has short-hopped balls, missed wide-open receivers, and armpunted when trying to go deep. While coaching was at fault early on, the writing is on the wall for Anthony. I'm a big fan of his, but he can't get it done anymore and his biggest strength -- reading the field -- is gone. We're also missing two of our best weapons in Richardson and Whitaker. I hope to be wrong, but I do not think this game will be close...

Be wary. Be wary.

Jim Popp is a winner. Last week wasn;t very nice to the Als. But never count this team down.

I am sure our approach this week is like every week. Show zero mercy. our the trenches, control the clock and win the field position battle...........wear the opponent doewn until they quit.

This will not be a cakewalk. I predict a rather low scoring affair compared to the past few games against these teams. 27 - 17 for Riders.

I'm kind of nervous about this game. Arland Bruce has been a Rider killer for years. Here's hoping for a quick start with an even better finish for the good guys.

The game will be sold out! 40,000+, lets make it nice and loud! :rockin:

40,637 August 17, 2013 Saskatchewan vs Montreal

it would appear a timely game for some Hot August Nights to be played as well...

over 33000 in season tickets this year...that is just unreal.