Game-worn Jerseys - where to find?

Anyone know of any reputable sources for CFL game-worn jerseys? I know from time to time, teams will do locker room sales and offer up the leftovers (most of which are practice roster types that manage to crack the line up for one or two games before they head back to the US).

Locally, the Jets have a running inventory of game-worns; the bigger the player, the bigger the money. Makes me wish the Bombers would do the same. But until that happens, where can a guy find 'big name' players' jerseys for the empty display case on the man cave wall?

I've collected game worn sports jerseys for about 15 years and have bought from many different sources. Most of my jerseys are NHL hockey jerseys as they're generally bigger (size 56-60 usually) and more interesting than football jerseys that are generally pretty workmanlike...much as I prefer football as a game over hockey. I like bigger as I'm a pretty big guy and I like to wear my "gamers" from time to time and the football jerseys, especially the new ones, are impossible to actually wear as they're almost skin tight but form fitted in the shoulders for pads...and look ridiculous without wearing the actual pads.

I do have a couple of game worn Bombers jerseys in my collection though, one from the early 70's and another from the mid 80's during a couple of "cups of coffee" I enjoyed with the club....and love them both.

In terms of buying, you can start with ebay, I saw about a dozen there today (many under $200) and if you googled "CFL game worn jerseys" you'd find others I'm sure.

When buying jerseys, make sure you can also get a trustworthy "COA" (Certificate of Authenticity) to ensure what you're buying is legit...there's lots of fakes out there. The best gamers have some signs of wear...helmet marks (colours of other teams), repairs and tears, that sort of thing....

Thanks for the reply and good tip on ebay. Unfortunately no Bomber jerseys listed nor can I seem to find any online (though my Google-fu may be weak).

Which WBB jerseys do you own, if I may ask?

My older one is from 72 or 73, not sure which, # 56, no name on back (NNOB in jersey trader parlence) which was common then. Has the “Harval” patch on the bottom, they were the north end sports equipment suppliers to the Bombers in the 60’s and 70’s. It’s very plain, rubberized numbers and stripes but no logos or anything as was the style for the day…but lots of good rips and tears in it. It was used as a practise jersey in the late 70’s during my “cuppa coffee” with the club and when I was asked to leave, the jersey went with me via a sympathetic equip assistant. My other jersey is mid 80’s, but can’t really explain how I got it…but it’s the real thing…and made just for me. Good luck hunting!