Game Week 19: Winnipeg (14-2) at BC (10-5)

Perhaps a West final preview, but definitely the marquee match of the week.

Can VA3 spread the Bomber D enough to find some space to move the ball downfield? Or is he hurried into making a lot of mistakes?

Can the Lions secondary to anything to slow down Schoen + co.?

Not a chance

Player Name Position Injury TUE WED THU Game Status
Cooper, Tyneil Defensive Back Healthy Scratch FULL
Edwards- Cooper, Jalon Defensive Back Foot DNP
Greene, Adrian Defensive Back Knee DNP
Gwacham, Obum Defensive Line Knee LIMITED
Mackie, David Fullback Foot DNP
Mauger, Quincy Defensive Back Healthy Scratch FULL
Norman, Phil Offensive Line Shoulder DNP
Peters, Garry Defensive Back Hand LIMITED
Rourke, Nathan Quarterback Foot LIMITED
Ross, Shai Wide Receiver Adductor LIMITED
Whitehead, Lucky Wide Receiver Ankle DNP

Heh, yeah. I'll definitely be picking the Bombers, too.

But you never know . . . Montreal beat them a few weeks back.


The only problem is that I think this will be the game that the Bombers rest most of their nicked up players. It makes sense. They have a bye the following week and would likely want their starters to play more the last game of the year at home against BC as they will have another bye after that. I doubt Collaros will play more than one or two quarters this weekend, although their back up QB’s have shown themselves to be capable as well, unlike last year. They have earned the right to decide whom they want to rest. In reality I believe that Calgary has a tougher remaining schedule than BC. But who knows? I don’t have any inside info on what the Bombers plan to do.


Never say never, but I'll be voting Winn. in the pool & hoping I'm wrong.

True the Saskatchewan Roughriders are cheering for a Stamps win this week, but the BC Lions are on the other side of cheering for that game. With having the exact 10-5 record as Calgary, the Lions are hoping for a Ticats win so they have more control of possibly getting the 2nd seed in the west and home field advantage. Despite last week’s lost to the Argos, Vernon Adams Jr. is playing better and having running back James Butler and the daunting receiving core of Bryan Burnham, Lucky Whitehead, Keon Hatcher, and Dominique Rhymes, the Lions have the talent to finish and win all 3 games of the regular season, but that will be easier said than done, especially against the defending Grey Cup champions Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Despite losing Andrew Harris and Kenny Lawler in free agency, that has not stopped the Bombers being the beasts of the league with a 14-2 record. Of course quarterback Zach Collaros is the mastermind of the team’s success on the field, while Brady Oliveira leads the team running the ball, while rookie Dalton Schoen has been the difference maker in catching the touchdowns this year. True the Blue Bombers essentially have everything they want to accomplish in the regular season but with having a bye next week, expect Winnipeg to come firing at all cylinders making things difficult for the Lions push for 2nd best in the west. Here below are my game predictions this week in the CFL. Look forward to your thoughts and join the conversation in the comments section.

all you folks writing off the lions? what happens if lions win and collaros goes down with injury? easy to keep burning the lions when they haven’t had their starting qb since week nine, one who was doing better than collaros at the time. my point is that bombers are one brutal sack away from disaster. counting your chickens early can taste like crow later…

Even with a healthy Collaros and no Rourke, you never know when you're going to get an outstanding performance from VA3. When he's on, he can lead to the team over anyone.

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if i’m the bombers, i’d be resting some players, at least those who need it.


Who is this guy and whose basement does he live in? His predictions are pretty whacked. Bombers over BC 55-12?

haha. i have never heard of 17 degree sports til now :thinking:

Although I don’t know for sure, I speculated in another thread that the Bombers would be resting a lot of players this week. That makes more sense than resting them the last game, which would result in a good month between games for starters. I will probably be picking BC this week as a result, although that may be dicey with VA at the helm. As Dave says, VA has been known to come up with big games. It’s just that I have seen little of it lately nor have I seen steady improvement and he certainly was underwhelming in a big game last week. The Bombers with numerous backups and backups to backups and Dru Brown at the helm might just be as tough as the Argos were last week. VA needs to play better. We’ll see.


Called it!

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haha you did and i can’t stop laughing. i’m perusing his site now lol

at least his NFL picks seem sort of reasonable

it was this thread :grin:
your comment just reminded me that they have a bye next week.

funny how which version of VA3 shows up always seems to be the main x-factor with lions now.

Heh, neither had I till it popped up on the interwebs this morning.

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dude seems to write a lot of weekly sports blog stuff. i wonder if he’s on this forum :thinking:

Well it ain't me... The spelling is too good

The Bombers are no more one brutal sack away from disaster than any other team in the league are or are you just hoping ^

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