Game Webcasts

I seen this morning that CFL web site is now webcasting all the games. This is some good news.
Live games are $9.95 and archived games are $6.95.
I may check it out this weekend for the Montreal game.
However, the archived games from last week you are still not able to click on.

Here's the link:

For all of us way out of town fans it's a nice addition to the CFL site.

I think the price is a tad high I would have rather seen $6.95 for live games and about $3.95 for archived but I guess we can't complain too much, we still get to see the game live.

If anyone else checks out the webcast let us know how it works for you

Go Cats

I agree. I am very happy that I can now watch the games. However, that being said, the price seems a little steep.

If each game was 3 or 4 dollars, I certainly would have subscribed to ALL the games that I can watch. Now, it will probably only be Tiger Cats games. I can allow myself that luxury.

Unfortunately, this week, I have to work during the last hour and a half of the game, so I don't think I will be purchasing a feed for Saturday's game. I am considering trying to move my work hours though.

Anyhow, Kudos to bob and the CFL for pulling this off! It came as a bit of a surprise. I had not heard anything about it in a long time and thought it was on the back burner.

How did I guess that Willy_in_Japan would welcome web-casts. You get my vote for dedicated season ticker holder, Willy!

I tested my bandwidth at (look below this week’s games, down the page). In ‘super player’ and full screen the test video is a blast. Kudos to whoever put it together. Crank up the speakers and enjoy!

Thanks for the webcasting, guys. Now to find high speed up on that dock eh Mikey?

Oski wee wee

Now to find high speed up on that dock eh Mikey?
lol....I'm not holding my breath as I usually have to drive down Hwy#124 about 8 miles to catch a cell phone signal in the mornings just to check my messages at home....

As for the new CFL webcasts....this is a great for CFL fans everywhere who can't get the TV feeds.

Hope all is well up in Guelph Dan 8) :thup: