game vs riders

Looks like Durant, Fantuz and Barrin Simpson will not face the Cats this week. They are being shut down for the season. OUCH!!!!!!

If Riders are short-staffed and we collect 2 points, that's great. But we finish in third no matter what.

Maybe we should rest some of our tired bodies a bit too, but we can't take a vacation, we have to stay sharp for the playoff run.

One thing I hope we do is give QP lots of quality time at QB in these two games. He may be carrying a significant load in the playoffs, not just prepping for next season.

I see that it says in this article that Durant is out for the season: … -practice/

And it said in that article that Fantuz has not practiced since October 1st, and there may be an update on his status tomorrow.

One other thing mentioned in that article is that Rider 3rd string QB Bergquist will play. It does seem the Riders are looking ahead to next season.

As for our own injury situation, it’s described in this article: … ather.html

Williams and Johnson are said to be questionable to return to the lineup on Saturday, and Turenne and Kirk did not practice because of injuries. Hope Turenne will be back soon, though this team has been able to get by without Kirk for some time. Too bad about Kirk though, as he could be out for the season, and so has missed almost the entire season because of injuries.

I'm not for resting our guys. Not until they learn to execute at a consistent level.

Generally, they are young and need the reps to learn some more.

Winning is essential leading into the playoffs.