Game vs Esks

The good

Smitty, Ryan Smith. Just don't know if we need 2 five foot 7 small receivers. But he and Dress can make things happen.

Pass knock downs - wow..........but then the Esks adjusted and Reilly took over. But early in the game we were swatting balls.

Keenan at safety. I admit he looks quicker than what I thought. Not only was his play pretty good but he was a monster on ST.

Punting - Early was pretty darn consistant getting it outside the numbers.

Roosevelt..........take that CC for playing Taj and Jamal out of camp.

The bad

Brett Smith - with a grain of salt he did not play well. He was hot in the first quarter but when Edm ramped up he had no answers. He only completed 11-13 passes? But getting ranked to put in Price maybe upset his game.........but his game was deteriorating by then. With pressure from Price here is to Brett getting his game elevated.

Tackling - Mertile, Tristan.

Doughty - Did the guy even play.............I honestly did not notice him at all. I did not see #50???? Not saying he was bad but you should notice your Mac all over the place.

I thought Price looked good ,
Tackling well what can I say that hasn't already been sad.
Doughty looked slow to me ?
Spann wanted to see more of him ?
Crapigna wanted to se more but that's the way that the game went as he made all his kicks,

grubber on the missed tackle list you forgot Harris, he blew at least two. I like Macho but if we are going to make changes he would have to be considered on the go side of the line. One super game does not make up for 8 bad ones and 6 so- so ones.

The reaper is coming and his blade will have to be sharp. Borderline players have two more chances to really elevate their games or be gone. We simply have no room for fringe players.

DIdn’t watch the game but with plays like this I’m sure glad I didn’t!!!

I was so stunned to see Mertile do that I didn't know how to react at first. After 5minutes of letting it sink in I would have probably have sat him after that and then after the game cut him. That is how disgusted I was. Probably a good thing I don't have the power or there would be a pretty empty locker room by the end of the season.

Well by the Dyce interview Mertile probably is out for the Stamps game. Way too much media exposure on that play to do much else. It not only was an embarrassment for Mertile but for the team also.

I'd play Dressler, Chick, Brett Smith, Monroe, Knox Jr., LaBatte, Adcock, Fulton, Ryan Smith, MacDougall, Rob Bagg, and Demski all two ways and cut the rest.

I'd play Price over Smith. I liked Price's game. He is a very athletic and mobile player, but he does something Smith does not...puts focus down field instead of avoiding the pressure in a mad scramble...he seems to have more natural pocket presence. Think the guy has a pile of potential...I think both might. Smith has had a crack at multiple games...time to afford that to Price as well as it shows what's what for 2016. Any ways you spin it...those are 2 pretty promising backups moving forward, and one or both look like they may be able to develop into a starter.

I am not sure I would cut him over that. He had some really really good coverage plays in that game actually. Esks figured it out though....pass short, make the Riders tackle or miss. All that said...I would have had his pads off to make a statement.

The thing is this...Mertile seems to have the coverage ability...he has looked pretty good there...but the tackling sucks. But answer this...who's tackling, especially in the secondary, looks good? Hollins is "okay," Webster/McDougall are okay, Green is bad, Meritile is horrid, Harris is horrid, Brack has regressed this season (superman highlight hits or nothing), TJax was the best tackler in the secondary until about 1/2 way through the season but has gotten worse each game...I have a hard time pointing fingers entirely at players and saying if they are good enough or not because it is clear this is a coaching issue. I don't think Tony Missick is an issue because he did well with the Stamps. Mike Sinclair, I know has been an issue for several players, though perhaps not in this specific capacity. Tyrone Pettaway shouldn't be there. He is the LB coach and the LB coach generally helps on the tackling drills as much or more than it seems he is a factor in it. Greg Quick is a pretty good positional coach...even if he is not a great DC...I don't put the tackling on him, but he is definitely a factor. To my knowledge there was never a consultant brought in to help with the issue...that speaks to both HCs and both GMs. There is just no way all these newer guys tackle this bad and solid vets get worse and keep going for the highlight hits without really bad coaching being a massive part of it. My gut says that attitude issues are contributed a lot from Sinclair and Tackling issues by Pettaway, with others either adding to the situation or doing nothing to improve it.

As I said depop it is probably a good thing I am not in charge because if a situation like that occurred. Yes Mertile made a huge huge mistake and I know he knows it and is probably extremely embarrassed by it. No one wants to be the highlight reel joke of the week, but unfortunately that is exactly what Mertile is. What angers me the most is he could have lit Bowman up big time because he was slowed down by Hollins trying to strip the ball and was completely focused on that. Had Mertile put his shoulder right between Bowmans shoulder blades or lower back he would have got popped seriously hard and could have perhaps fumbled the ball. It would have sent also a message to both teams that the Riders are here to play some hard nose football. Instead it sent a statement that this team is a joke and the laughing stock of the league. Perhaps that one play could have woke a few others up on defense and perhaps it would have given the Eskimo receivers something to think about. Instead by him doing jack squat the rest of the team must have been deflated somewhat by it and I have little doubt the Eskimos had a real good laugh over it.

Sure every player makes mistakes but honestly this was such a fundamental basic of defense not to just step aside and watch a player score that it isn't something that should have to be taught as this level.

Yes the tackling in the backfield is not just bad it is freaking disgusting and while a player may be good in coverage if he can not tackle then really what good is he? I mean you are not going to intercept the ball or deflect the ball away from receivers on every play so you better be able to wrap up a receiver quickly and bring him down. How many times has our defense have receivers short of the 1st down only to allow them to gain 3-5 yards or even more after making contact? Good defensive backfield players make contact and the guy goes down almost immediately on most plays. While you may not be able to prevent the catch if you can stop them fast then at least you minimize the damage. That has clearly been an issue all season for our defense.

So is it the players or the coaching? Frankly I think its both so how do you separate the good from the bad? Perhaps its best to can them all and start fresh? Probably not but I think you are correct that coaching problems do play a factor so I would certainly clean house there. Then you have to really evaluate each player on their whole season and be brutally honest with them. If you keep them make it clear they are on an extremely short leash for next season and some will probably be cut in training camp.

Mertile has NOT been that good in coverage (although he is not alone). He looked pretty weak his first couple of games which had a lot of people calling for his head but I've seen a lot of great DBs in my time get taken to school their first few games, so I was more than willing to give him time.

But that (non) play on Bowman was a bus ticket home in my opinion. That was not a mental error, that was straight up laziness.

Hollins went for the strip specifically because he saw that Bowman was about to run right into Mertile. Had Mertile not been there Hollins wraps the waist and saves a TD. Mertile hung his teammate out to dry on that play. How is anybody supposed to trust him? Now Hollins ends up looking dumb for making a smart play.

Sorry junior, no room for quitters on this team. Go home.

Gotta agree with you prairiedog.