Game topic (thread) - REDBLACKS vs Stamps, Sunday, July 23, 2023

:redblacks: Ottawa REDBLACKS vs :stamps: Calgary Stampeders

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stream link for out of canada viewers:

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not expecting a great game but i hope i’m surprised.

Thank you for starting this game thread. It should be automatic, but they pooped the bed with their CFL system too for the year I guess.

Only a year ago, we’d see three or more game threads regularly, but now zero you damn System bojacks!
:exploding_head: :rage:

i actually now have an auto-posting setup so i can set them up during the week and the topic is posted on a scheduled time and day. the last two game topics (this one and yesterday’s) were auto-posted.

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nice run by Williams!


great play by Crum using his legs

Both teams wearing their home jersey. What’s up with that? I thought Ottawa had to wear predominately white?

Both teams wearing their home jerseys. I wish this would be a lot more common throughout the league.

A Bomber vs Rider game where both teams have their home jerseys would be awesome


I think every team can choose at least one game to wear a different jersey. The Bombers wore their away jersey at home this week.

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Arrrggh! We be taking on heavy water, but now we have captured the stream arrrggh.

TD for Barnes! :canada:

great throw by Maier


haha Paredessssmisssessss


Well that’s that. He’s a new gamebreaker in the CFL now.

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I will practice kicking again too over the winter and spring for the short-game if they’ll suit me up for those games too when I’m not the new referee.

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just don’t become a firefighter

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Aye yes indeed they wore those reportedly detestable blue pants too, but maybe they are lucky pants now.


Don’t get me started on what I think of that East Side Mario’s commercial.

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Stream not working. Paid for ESPN+ last year for poor reliability, not an option this year, supposedly “free”, but says not available in my region (Chicago).

Fire up the VPN to be “from” my home state of Nevada, no, same “not available in your region”.

Can’t pay for it, can’t get it for free.


yea it’s super lame. always on mute.

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