Game tonight

Given the outstanding effort that our Riders have given us I say we return the favor. How about everyone stays in the stands at the end of tonight's game against the Stampeders for about 10 minutes and give them a standing ovation - get the team to see how much we are committed to them - win, lose or draw! I really think they deserve it!

Yeah, those folks with a drive back to PA on a work night will love that idea......

Its only ten minutes! I think thats a great idea!

If they win, or it's close, fine.

If it's 47-0 for Hank, I may try and get a little head start and wait until after the bye week to profess my love.

I just hope that with all the Riders have been through and the way they have played that they don't get booed if the offense lays an egg or if the defense actually has a poor game.

Who cares if they lose! 47-0. Wouldn't that be cool if every fan, stayed in the stabnds and applauded the team anyway, just to show how much we care and love this team. We say we're the beset fans in football so lets show it! It probably win;t happen though.

If it's 47-0, the stadium will be half empty before the 3 minute warning.

I'll still be there!

You're a good fan, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Ok Ok if the Stamps win 47-0 "I'LL" stand and applaud for 10 minutes, hows that sound :rockin:


Well with it being a Thursday night game, and I am 3 1/2 hours away, I decided to sell my tickets for tonite, but I'll be at home watching and I hope to see the applause after the game as well!

How about we heckle Burris all night instead...grin

Hey I have a better idea, why don’t we all just stomp mud holes into Henry’s chest.

Geez, I didn't think there was any doubt how much Riders fans love their team.

From what i always see most fans do stay anyways. Best fans by far anywhere, they will be loud tonite,crazy and maybe some might be streakers! lol, wish i could join the party, people around the country watching this game will be entertained even by the incredible fan support that they will witness!