game to be blacked out?

Not at all !! :thup: :thup:

And by the way... grammar is correct.

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I talked again with Bell technical support it goes by postal codes and a 50 k radious around Hamilton they told me it still doesn't make sense to me I live on Hamilton Mountain less then 50k .........Its time for cable :roll:

It shouldn't matter what your postal code is. The game was not officially blacked out anywhere. If it had been officially blacked out, there would have been "alternate programming" on channel 402, but there was just the same wrestling/boxing PPV promotion that was on all day. It's a screwup either on Expressvu's end or TSN's end. They've had screwups for games out west this year also.

The game was blacked out for me too.... of course Cogeco hasn't shown up yet to hook me up and I don't have ExpressVu.. so 900 CHNL did the trick for

Did the ti-cats have any say in the blackout of the last game. If anyone knows I would like the info. thanks

As I said above, the Ticats and the CFL did NOT black the game out. TSN and/or Expressvu screwed it up.