game to be blacked out?

i was watchen tsn last night and it preveiwed the cats game and said local blackout? any idea wat that tellin us?

Simply that the record has caught up with advance ticket sales, the game is not sold-out.

So there is a possibility that the draconian philosophy of the '70s and '80s, that if you don't show the game on the power window, people will be forced to go to the stadium, might prevail.

The Bassman 8)

On their website the updated pre-game report was posted at 10:30 am and made no mention of a black-out.

weird cuz right after the winnepeg game its previewed it and said local blackout somthin

any1 with any further info?

8) There are NO blackouts of any home games anymore regardless of whether the game is sold out or not !!!!! They may blackout home games in the Western Conference but not in the East !!!

maybe it's something to do with CRTC regulations about what can be shown in prime time. Football yes, but ritual slaughter, degradation and cruelty to Cats...

I have been waiting for this game all day. If it is blacked out I will flip. Bush league if it is. Due to many reasons I cannot make it out tonight and have been hyped to watch it on my couch. I would be turned off the CFL if its blacked out.

You tell em. that would sure be bush on the part of the cfl all right. After all the all world,greatsest of all leagues,The NFL, would never black out a game now would they?Of course they would and do!!!Be happy our owner lifts all blackouts in advance. Its a tsn policy to make that announcement for all games,cause some regions do have blackouts. Even the Nnnhl has regional blackouts so its not just a bush league cfl thing. now go pee behind a school.

8) Don't you even bother to read some of the above posts.........The Game is NOT blacked out !!!!!!!! Do you understand that ?????

GAME ON :stuck_out_tongue:

Nnnhl????????? Quit stuttering old man.
It was just a statement. Boink. Your drip pan fell.

I know, but you never know with the CFL. Things change every year.

Uhhh, wtf? Is it blacked out for others on Express Vue ?

/Montreal fan in Hamilton, but I’d like to watcht the game.
//Went to the Montreal game here

Hey caretaker and Ticat Brass this is TOATAL BS! I couldn't make the game and some other bums are sitting in my seats!

If the ti-cats are the ones that blacked out the game in this area they will have cost themselves my support for next year .After supporting them for all of this time while they played P!SS poor football .This would be a slap in the face to the fans.

I don't get it guys? Answers please??? I tried everything called Bell etc they said talk to TSN??? is in Edmonton... it won't affect Hamilton.

I corrected you spelling and grammer mistakes...your welcome.

This past game against Edmonton was blacked-out on my Bell Expressview. I had to go over to a friend’s house who carries local cable and which did not black-out the game.

I do not understand why the game was blacked out on satellite but not on cable.

Did anyone else experience this?

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I've (not I) corrected your (not you) spelling and grammar (not grammer) mistakes... You're (not your) welcome. Hope you don't mind.

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