Game Times

Mr. Mitchell tells us that bums in the seats are the number one priority of the football club. Why then is the Labour Day game at 4pm? This is obviously not a preference of the fans, but of the television people. I have a choice. I can: put off my supper till after 7 pm (a really good family position), go to the game and eat the overpriced, crappy food, or say the television people win and stay home and maybe watch it on TV or if the Ticat hungry fan executive decide to black it out, watch the NFL.
Football is meant to be played in the daylight, in the afternoon, on a Sat. or Sun. That does not happen in the "fan hungry" CFL so I guess my only alternative is to go watch the Marauders. When you want to protest, vote with your feet.

Trust me, one way or another, people are going to get to the labour day game. Wether they have to tell their wife to shove her idea's for a romantic dinner at 5, or have to tell your parent's that you'll take a rain check on their usually boring visit's, people WILL flood to the game.

I don't know where you live,last time I checked 4:00 pm was daylight..
the game will be SOLD OUT at 4:00 PM MONDAY..
I guess you don't speak for all the fans,,please stay home and eat at 5:00 if you can't wait until 7:00.... :roll:

8) If you attended last years Labour Day game in Hamilton, you would know why the team management
  asked for this years game to start earlier than last years 7pm start time.

  There was an outcry from many, many fans, and management alike, regarding the drunkiness and 
   fighting that took place at last years game !!

   TiCat management stated at that time that would would not schedule any more late starts for the 
    Labour Day game in the future.

    What has happened this year is that the Eastern televised game will start at 4 pm, with the Western
    game (Edm vs Calgary)  starting at 7:30pm, as the second half of the double header.

     There were also complaints from fans that took kids to the game, regarding the fact that those kids
      had to get up early for school the next day.

      There were several ugly incidents at last years game, and management is doing what they feel is 
       best to avoid another repeat performance this year.

       The explanation last year was that lots of people had all day off and started drinking hours before 
        the game started, thereby arriving at the game in a drunken state to begin with  !!!       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Well you can rule out watching the NFL, doesn't start until the 10th with a Thursday night game. One good thing about a 4 o'clock start, if it is really hot (and some labour day games have been torture on both players and fans) then it should cool off a bit during the game.

Won't it just be hot for the entire game seeing how the whole game will be played in daylight.

Not as hot as a game from one to four o'clock, you wouldn't be sitting with the sun directly overhead, it would at least start to cool off as the game went on. Me personally, I would be happy if it was a night game, but many people don't like that at all. I remember a Labour Day Game an number of years ago, started at one and they said the temperature was 110 on the old Astro Turf, it was tough in the stands but even tougher on the field.

Agree with you there, it's way better than a 1pm start. I just thought you were comparing it to a 7pm start.

Doctor Rock, I was thinking more like an 8 o’clock start :lol:

4 is much better than last years 7:30 start. I don't know about other people, but i am wide awake after i come home from a game. i Probably didn't get to sleep until around 2am and i had to get up at 7 for school.

I prefer 1 over 4 but i have no complaints with 4 o'clock.

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It seems spying has...regressed in The Peg!

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Oh well, guess I'll have to start drinking at 11. Oh the sacrifices we make :lol:

Raise your hand if you knew this thread was going to start!!!


Stay home.

Vote with your butt.

In a chair.

At home.

In the old days...the labour day parade would happen in the morning and afterwards most of the marchers...and kids (that was me) would walk to the stadium and watch the game...i am not sure exactly when kick off was ...but it was not late....but times have changed...
I have no problem with a 4pm son and i will have a lovely gourmet hot dog...and my argo loving pal will have a serving of crow...