game time

where’s everyone going to be watching, those not lucky enough to get out to Ottawa that is… :cry:

I had plans to go to the Ancaster Buffalo Wild Wings with my boy but plans fell through, he bailed on me for a bday party pfft! :lol:

so wheres every one going and can I crash the party j/k

From the cozy convinces of my minecave wood in stove beer in fridge half time wings will be franks red hot and teriyaki black was invited to the thing at Tim Horton's field but why buy milk when u got a better cow at home let's go cats let's go

its my cow that Id like to get away from. :lol:

Lol come on along

Oooh! Sounds like some serious couch time coming up? :lol:

lol like id post that if she reads this MB :wink: