game time

wheres the party at

I was planning on going to the Works on Upper James but they apparently have no TV's.. how does a hamburger joint not have TV's :x

so where's everyone (not crazy enough to watch it live) watching the game tonight?

Usually the official game party for away games is at Buffalo Wild Wing off Centennial Parkway.

In Toronto Joe Baldli's I think is the name of the Italian restauraunt the Ti-Cats are holding their @TO Pre-Game shindig.

went to BWW last year. too loud!

maybe i’ll check out the spot where they do the pre game show on Upper Ottawa ( I think it is ) have a few beers and punch one of the TSN guys Maco or kos, or whatever he is called, in the nose lol

8) You better be pre warned, that if you go to most bars tonight to watch the TiCat game, that those establishments will
  probably have the Jays game on their TV's instead !!!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

  Which would be a real joke, considering it's Hamilton !!    <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

yah good point. maybe i’ll just stay at home :cry:

Right you are Tipper. It’s like pulling teeth trying to get them to put a CFL game on at least one TV and like you said a real joke considering it’s Hamilton. Funny to think that 30 years ago in the mid-80’s the bars were packed with fans watching the Ticat games and Harold Ballard was trying to fight the bars from showing satellite feeds of the games in their establishments.

1150 broadcasts from The Honest Lawyer. You can take out a second mortgage on your home to ensure the best of the menu and you can tell the 1150 folk how you feel about their station, Lol

8) You are so right, "mighty one", regarding my old friend, Pal Hal.
  At least he stepped up and bought the TiCats when no one else would, to save this franchise !!

  His 1986 Grey Cup victory had to be the most dominant Grey Cup win for Hamilton, since the 1967  GC.   <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D --> 

  As a side bar, I just stay at home and watch all the road games, in relative peace and quite !!    <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

i stopped goin bars for cats games away now for a few years,,,,when u get a place like philthy mcnastys theyd put game on for like a dozen cat fans there then,,they would crank up the crappy music throughout frustrating,,,but home with a pizza and friends the way to go.

Strange, I live in Edmonton and there is a sports bar in West Edmonton Mall called 1st Round that will put the Ti-Cat games (in fact all CFL games) on their big screen and play the sound.

Name 5 that do?

even MacDonalds has tv’s

When I walked past the new Wendel Clark place in the Lister Block building when attending Supercrawl last night the Jays and Cats seemed to have equal billing with every other screen being each game.

Wendy has a restaurant downtown?

Really need to get down there sometime to have a look around.

And they show TSN?.. Name 4 more?

Why does Ryan have to follow your self-imposed rules? :wink:


Didn't mention TSN did I? You seem angry. Are you the owner of the works on Upper James?

Seems strange you'd challenge me over the existence of tv's at hamburger restaurants??

I just found it a very odd statement.
I've never seen a tv or a game on ever in any hamburger joint.
Thought perhaps I was missing something but obviously not.
Just wondering why you would make a blanket statement like that when it had nothing to stand on?

I dont know Geoff my spidy senses are tingling, me thinks its a little more than what you are making it out to be..

If my blanket statement (about tvs lol) has you somewhat outraged, i guess thats just fine by me..

I'll track down 4 more for you to set you at ease.

3 more actually. The hamburger place on Locke (Chucks i think it was) had a tv.

Speaking of hamburger joints… Maybe Tabbie can help a brother out. Is that Webers on HWY 11 still open??