Game time Saturday

7 p.m.????????? What happened to afternoon games in the Fall. Doesn't the CFL realize that this the first weekend of the NHL season? Perhaps the "C" in CFL stands for clueless!

8) And to top it off, Calgary is forecasting a very cold night, with some wet snow, and possible
  accumulation of that nice white stuff  !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

It is an afternoon game, for Calgary!

NHL Season starting??..already?..didn't it just finish?! :roll:

I couldn't care less if hockey is starting this week..

I'd rather watch CFL,NFL,NCAA Football,,before I watch the NHL

Day games seem to be only good for the fans that actually show up to games (and we all know they are the lowest priority).

When was the last time we saw a Grey Cup, Super Bowl, MLB playoff game in their traditional day timeslot? It used to be fun to take off time from work to catch a baseball playoff game and the Cubs could only play in the day all season. Watching the Grey Cup/Superbowl late on a Sunday has less appeal to me than the afternoon.

National ratings and programming now drive these decisions.

8) What is Calgary, 2hrs behind us ??
  If so, then the majority of the game will be in the evening !!     <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

yep, 5pm kick off here

Couldn't agree with you more. Unfortunately you and I are the minority in this country.

You can count me in as well. I lost any respect for hockey when the NHL flooded the maket with teams with little or no hockey skills. For some people the only attraction is watching some goon whale on another player. Try this crap in any other sport and your history. The NHL and Grapes have this thing for hockey fights. Be a real man strap on a helmet and pads and play some 3 down football. I could care less about hockey even more with the likes of Gary Betman running the show. What a pantload..........

I will no longer support the NHL in any way. I will no longer go to any games buy jerseys watch on T.V. or listen on the radio. I'm done with the NHL! :thdn:

good for you! I adopted this same attitude towards them years ago. They have become a monopoly
and snubbed Hamilton once to often for my liking.

I do, however, enjoy Bulldog hockey. Can't beat it for the price!

That makes four of us. I haven't watched an NHL game in three seasons now. Haven't missed it. However, with the Canadian population now at 33,797,258 as of 17h47 on the 1 Oct 09 according to the Canadian Population Clock, that means we have 33,797,254 and counting left to convert. I'll watch football over hockey anytime, but in this country, we are in the minority.

you would support THAT league?

heck.... they have 892 games " per team" in a season, don't they?

and its all quality product, right? :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

bring back the Roller Derby!!!

This is still a stupid move. Could this not have been 2pm start? Going head to head with Hockey Night in Canada on the opening weekend isn't good. Might have made more sense to go against the NFL on Sunday.

Did you see the Roller Derby girls on CHCH during last night's news? They were promoting the new Roller Derby movie. Quite a group! Just the kind of girl you would want to bring home to meet Mom and Dad :lol: