Game Thread: Winnipeg at Ottawa Week 6 July 15, 2023

Come on McCrae…
And there’s a nice catch & YAC

Richie Hall has to be the best Defensive Coordinator in the league. The way he’s moving Bighill around is a thing of beauty.

He moves everyone around

Have to feel a bit sorry for Crum - could use a bit more help from his OL and maybe some quick plays.
OTTRB D started well but I imagine that they’re starting to feel some fatigue. They/ve kept them in this game so far.

Up against Winnipeg they are simply out-matched.

Ya, tough 1st start

It’s getting brutal - it’s just unfair to throw in a 3rd string QB against the Bombers but they don’t have a choice.

Net offence: 199 WPG, -5 OTT

Damn embarrassing. Like watching a division 1 pac 12 school vs a div 3

Well they got 2 drives (maybe) to get something positive

There they go, 1st down

no idea what that’s about. :woman_shrugging:

Huh, they’re using Piggy as the short yardage guy.
We didn’t think he was good enough for that

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Hi All,

I finally made it here! Go Bombers!


Well they could have started Arbuckle or did I hear that he was a bit banged up. Although I doubt he’d be doing much better.
I felt just terrible for Masoli, his team mate and Ottawa fans when he went down with that injury last week. :anguished:

Some of the teams are just so bad…
Go Bombers!

He’s no good. They’ve given up on him.

He’s another Jonathan Jennings / James Franklin; parlayed a decent game as a backup out west into the starting gig in the East, only to fall flat on his face.

His career I think is done.

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Arbuckle has certainly been a disappointment and not the starter that some thought he could be.

Good for Piggy. I think we released him too soon. Bombers haven’t brought up a qb in decades, and he seemed ideal for development.

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Yup, I think we’re all disappointed we couldn’t at least keep him on the PR
But even then Ott could have scooped him

Well that doesn’t help any QB if the WR can’t catch