Game Thread: Winnipeg at Ottawa Week 6 July 15, 2023

Haven’t been in the forum all day but I don’t see a game thread.

Bombers up 4-0 seven minutes in.

Stupid misconduct penalty by Ottawa after they had stopped Winnipeg at about the five and they were about to kick a field goal. Instead it’s 11-0. Less than 2 minutes left in the first quarter.

Is anyone else watching the game?

I was a little late getting the burgers done, all caught up & live now.

Pretty dominant so far

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Ottawa should just save the league the embarrassment and forfeit.

They sure aren’t helping themselves with the penalties

Ottawa had -5 yards in the first quarter and zero first downs. I suppose it’s to be expected given their horrible QB luck.

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Houston with another pic, looked like he almost bobbled it tho

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His fourth of the year to go with three fumble recoveries. And he missed a game.

Think we’ll see Piggy if Crum keeps playing Crummy?

He’s third on the depth chart. . . Arbuckle is second.

Probably only because he hasn’t been there very long.

I’m getting NO SOUND whatsoever on streaming. I’ve checked all my equipment and no problem!

3rd guy might see the field more then the 2nd guy, who is the short yardage guy.

Judging by the crowd size, not many are.

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Could be I suppose but he doesn’t know much of the playbook being there only a few days. The other guy they brought in was there for training camp so I’m guessing they will put him in first if they replace Crum.

I’m the last guy that can help with tech stuff, sorry

That guy isn’t dressed. It’d be Arbuckle or Pigrome.

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Madjack just advised that only Arbuckle and Piggy are dressed as backups so the chances of seeing Piggy at some point are more than I thought.

No problem. Is anyone else beginning to think that the name GENIUS SPORTS is more than a bit ironic?


Add that even if he doesn’t know the playbook, he’ll likely just be going mostly off athletic ability

I’m in Canada watching on TSN and am no technical wizard as well.

I’ll ping @GridironGirl to see if she has any wisdom to offer.

You can always use Simple Radio in the meantime although it might not be synced with the TV feed.