Game Thread - Riders vs Lions

I'm so stoked/chilled about this game it's mind crazy man. GO RIDERS :slight_smile:

Hard to believe the Riders have lost their last 8 regular season games going back to last season. Still too early to panic for this season but Chamblin needs a win and soon.

They beat Edmonton in the regular season finale last season. They’ve only lost 3 regular season games in a row.

Let's go, Riders. :thup:

That's the best 0-3 team I remember in any football league. Wow!

Here's to hoping the Rider D has tightened up. Gotta win this one or the season series is lost and one tie breaker gone way too early.

It's been raining here in Indianapolis with flood warnings for much of the evening that extend into the night. And I watched that game in Ottawa with that awful weather, and now here they are talking about rain in Regina. Is it also raining over much of Canada? What gives?

I just moved from Florida away from storm season, so what in the world is wrong everywhere else now?

Andrew Harris got extremely lucky they recovered that fumble.

And the Lions score first a few plays later 7-0

These Riders' new jerseys are "meh" but at least not as bad as were Montreal's last night. Has anyone else worn new jerseys in a game already this season? So far I'm calling it 0 for 2 in what I have seen.

I don't see what is wrong with the Riders' or Alouettes' regular jerseys anyway.

Is Sask gonna win a game this season? I gotta stop picking them. :lol:

Newcomer AC Leonard is a load to bring down on that last play.

HUGE mistake by BC.

Correct, my bad. But 1-7 isn't any better for their last 8 regular reason games. Without Durant the Riders are have a lot of trouble getting over the hump, despite the change in OC and upgrade in backup QB.

I am starting to think that is going to be regularly asked this year.

I am not feeling a lot of optimism.

Flag. (Plural) So this one's coming back.
Hope Jackson is alright

It's not much better, but it is better lol.

Injured by the kicker, ouch.

This Rider D can't stop air!

Fortunate to be down only by 7

Depends what way you look at it I suppose. They were extremely fortunate that they got a lucky bounce on the fumble.