Game Thread - Riders vs Argonauts

Looking forward to see how Kevin Glenn does at the helm.

I'd say, Go Argos, but I'm 0-3 this week, so who cares. :lol:

Well I'm 2 for 3 so far and still boycotting my Argos so GO RIDERS GO!!!!! :cowboy:

Nice touch by the Riders donating 800 tickets to the evacuees.

Put some game keys into pairs.

For Sask:
Glenn needs to be smart with the ball - no forced throws or bad decisions.
For Toronto:
Argos secondary likely won't be able to stop them from moving the ball, need to force turnovers and hold up in the red zone.

For Sask:
Need to protect Glenn. Toronto has a tough front 4.
For Argos:
Must get pressure on Glenn.

For Riders:
Chapdelaine cannot forget that he has a strong run game. (Messam starts at tail)
For Trahna:
Need to stay gap sound up front.

For Riders:
Defensive backfield must communicate, especially with Toronto's motion.
For TO:
Keep finding ways to get Owens/Durie/Whitaker into space.

For Gophers:
Return to fundamentals on defense, don't get cocky just put the guy on the ground.
For Boatmen:
Don't be complacent after whoopin' the Esks.

Both teams:
New kickers must make kicks.

Chamblin said he reamed a few guys out in practice this week. He closed practice so that he could cuss more. Was not happy with the attitude. TEN changes to the 46 for the Riders this week. Many due to injury, but not all.

Cool to see 50 yd. field goals I must say - 3-0 Toronto

Chip shot for Paul - tied at 3

The Rider d looks out of position every play.

Good start with a great drive leading to a nice TD.
No evidence of a let down from Harris and the offense so far.
It's the D that appear to have their hands full with the Riders running attack.

if things don't change soon, sask has ZERO chance to win this game. There is no way you can expect to win when the offense must score a TD every time they touch the ball just to keep pace.

Defense plays like this riders will finish last in cfl. Season is over without big changes real f'n soon.

True statements so far, that said looking forward to Aug.3rd when the beloved Argos enter the Hammer to play the Cats

Catch and fumble. Toronto ball.

Ruled play stands as called on the field.

Richardson caught the ball and took 2 steps. Who's in the booth, Stevie Wonder?

And the drive still stalls anyways.

The O stalls mmm - FG 10-6 Toronto leads

Cool, welcome home Paul, nice 49 yard FG - 10-9 Argos

Man, Sask fans are jumping ship fast. :stuck_out_tongue: The D has actually -played pretty well.

The D is having major issues.
Not only unable to stop the run but of importance Glenn is having all kinds of time in the pocket.
There is no or very little pressure by our line.

Cachin-ga - TD Riders, leading 17-10 at the half.

If that isn't overturned, giving the PI penalty, there's definitely something wrong with the review process.

The thing is, the best that can happen is they get to try again from the one. I guess it's worth it for the possible two points.