Game Thread - Lions vs Riders

Hope McCallum has great game in RIDER GREEN.

Bumped the thread so FootbalYouBet doesn't lose it in the midst :stuck_out_tongue:

Should be a good one. Plenty of Rider fans will come out making for a great game-day environment.

If they ask him to kick 5 times within the 40, he'll put it through 5 times.

I picked Sask and they start the game with a holding penalty. That's not a good omen...

"Not usually a returner." No kidding!

Bad tackling or good running? Regardless, ugly for Sask.

Couple of first downs each so far.

Wow! Who screwed up on that play? Sask up 7-0.

Someone forgot to cover Dressler, easy TD 7-0 Riders.

Well that's one way to keep your completion streak intact. That was a bad read by Glenn.

Well Glenn is usually good for a pick or two - as the Leos know all too well from last season! :smiley:

Geez. Bad play by BC. Bad play by Sask. I hope this doesn't turn into a I-don't-wanna-win-you-win type game.

Lions FG - 7-3 Riders now. Have to think holding them to a field goal is a win in that situation when they scrimmaged from the 30.

Lions manage a FG off of that pick. A start but not enough.

"More for Moore." Ba dum tsh. I expect Rod Black to make that comment.

Weak call on that 2nd down there, very Lapolicish.

Couple of nice plays by Elimimian. I ragged on him last year for getting a lot of credit for tackles way down the field, but he made a couple nice plays there.

Rookie mistake by Collie there. They let the first gesture go earlier at the officials, and they called him the 2nd time he did it.

Okay, I'm getting tired of these Objectionable Conduct calls. This isn't the damn NBA.