Game Thread: Hamilton Ti-Cats 1-3 at Edmonton Elks 0-5 13 July 2023

Captain Timbers’ (inebriated), transcribed:

Arrrgghh ahoy ye mateys!

We be summoned to start yar …new game thread tonight!

We sail now for dar stream, for those of you watching! In the United States!

Ahoy drink and be merry! Enjoy ye matey!

Jibe starboard damnit Pirate Cat! Aim sails west Private Stubbles you darn galoot!



For those that don’t speak pirate this is tonight’s game thread. :grin:

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Let’s hope this game is better than it looks like it could be with only one win between the two teams out of nine games played.

As always I would like to see a close and competitive game regardless of the skill level of these two teams.

These teams are relatively even. A lot of people calling for the Elks to prevail and avoid setting the all time record for losing at home in North American professional sports.

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Oh well and they just launched the new game thread.

Somebody at the CFL is late to set sail tonight!


who will win this game
  • :tigercats: Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  • :elks: Edmonton Elks
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i closed it matey

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From what I’ve heard they would be tying the record for the longest home losing streak. I will selfishly wish for them to keep that home losing streak going for one more week.

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it’s all @Capital_Dave’s fault for not making a proper game topic earlier in week.


Well at least you have that Pirate Cat shipboard tonight secretly cheering for you all.

I’ve had to do a lot of handling of this one, for the crew are not understanding you see.

With the agreement that his cheers must be subdued and modest whilst we watch the game on deck, he’s also been told we’re certainly not going to have any of his brand of meow mix dirty kitty trash talk if he does not want to swim the mast all night! Arrrggh!

that was a poorly thrown ball. dude was open for a td.

Fumbling the opening kickoff not a great start for the Cats. Thinking of changing my pool pick to Edmonton although it looks like they will only get 3 out of it.

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that would be against your own advice.

sweet! love the wildcat direct snap

Yeah I’ll probably wait until half time to decide. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Unfortunately it didn’t work.

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:sweat_smile: with the poll still open here in the first quarter after all other polling stations have closed!

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i have a feeling there will be lots of punting this game.


maybe they will do an in-booth Ricky Ray interview while the play is going on

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No doubt they’ll interview him at some point. :roll_eyes: During the game of course!