Game Thread: Exhibition Game 1 - Hamilton @ Toronto

Since no game thread is made yet, I made one.

Kickoff is in approx. two hours.

Though not televised, you can listen to the game on the radio here:

Don't worry Russ'll be along soon and everything will right with the world once again. :thup:

Where did I express worry? I'm confused...

Thanks for the link , the reception is nice and clear as opposed to full of static and uneven on my regular radio. :thup:

Sorry I was speaking to the other readers of your thread, who would be the ones worrying. :slight_smile:

Good to hear coach Sal's voice again! The sound of June is here!

Toronto got the ball first and is moving the ball at will against a soft Hamilton zone.

Atkinson sacks Killgore (spelling?), followed by a Toronto TD.

7-0 Toronto

Toronto FG.

10-0 Toronto

A lot of empty seats

Watt makes his first ever catch as a Ticat in a game. 7 yards.


Drew EdwardsVerified account
Mathews scrambles then throws a long pass on the dead run to @TiUnderwood for a 50-yard TD.
#Argos 10 #Ticats 7.

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Jays game this afternoon at the RC. Still my guess is that there's a better crowd there than they might have drawn at their old digs. Some people will show up just to see what the field looks like. And it is preseason.

Great job by Matthews and Underwood on the TD. It was sounding pretty one-sided there for a bit! :?
Glad the the defense is starting to give Ricky a tough time! :smiley:

Daly has nearly intercepted Ray twice now, but is at least breaking up passes.

The play by play guys on TSN radio haven't mentioned the end zone problems at all. Seems like the only concern is from fans on these boards that aren't in attendance.

We do have a 40km/hr wind in our favour in the 2nd qtr

BMO Looks good, end zones look cramped and tight, radio announcers say 18 yard end zones almost looks like arena football on natural grass.

Good job so far first half by both teams.


Mathews converts to Underwood on 2nd and 20.