Game Thoughts/Ticat Game Balls

Not in Hamilton/Montreal/Toronto where ive attended games.

Because there biased? Ive heard them award the road team the player of the game before. But more often then not its not even mentioned or goes unnoticed because really, Who gives a crap about your player of the game when you get the crap kicked out of you or lose at HOME?

Who gives a crap about your player of the game when you get the crap kicked out of you or lose at HOME?
Again, this is a ticat forum and my game thoughts were about the way the TICATS played. Therefore my game balls went to Ticats because we are all discussing OUR team and how it will improve.

Im through defending my post to you. You have the right to disagree.

I just followed up a question you asked me, so theres no need to get all hissy about it.

My thoughts on the game:

  1. We need to establish a running game!!! I've been saying this for awhile now. We need Radlein in the backfield blocking, if for no other reason than to help our struggling O-line. Everyone who's been dumping on Ranek this year should note that Holmes running that same ugly shotgun draw play had no success in Montreal. So this is clearly an O-line problem that we desperately need to get fixed. Lastly, on 3rd and 1 why don't we line up in an I-formation? It gives the defence 3 guys they have to be aware of. Maas has been running a lot of QB sneaks, so they must be aware of that; Radlein is a load at fullback and short yardage specialist; and Ranek or Holmes or Davis at tailback would be our third deadly weapon.

  2. We got KILLED on special teams and in the battle for field position. It seemed like every drive Montreal started at their 40 or 45 and our drives started around our 25. Of course there was the blocked punt and the succesful fake both in Montreal's favour. Jerome Erdman you gotta get these guys to shape up.

  3. Defensively we played well. Our tackling looked sharp. When they caught the ball our guys weren't letting them get yards after the catch. My biggest problem with the D is still the lack of pressure. We don't generate any pressure unless we blitz, and half the time when we do blitz we don't get to the QB. However, we do generate a good number of turnovers so I hope we keep that up.

  4. Motion on offence! Amen! I was so happy to see us finally using some motion. Unfortunately as the game wore on it seemed like we stopped using motion, or at the very least we used a lot less than we did on the first few drives.

  5. Offensively we started spreading the ball around. Our offence looked pretty good when we got everyone involved. We still rely too much on the rinky dink 2 yard passes for my liking but at least we're improving in this area. Someone already mentioned that DJ Flick is a forgotten man and I agree. A smart coach will alter his system to get his best players involved. Brock Ralph looked fantastic out there, he made a couple of great cuts to get wide open or to create space for himself to make catches, I was absolutely floored, where has that been all year??? And kudos also to Kamau Peterson who had one of his best games as a Ti-Cat.

...and finally...

#6. Penalties. We drastically reduced our penalties. Hooray! 5 penalties for 40 yards was the last graphic I saw. Congratulations team and I hope we keep the penalty numbers down.

Actually, the idea of fan generated "Ticat game ball" remarks after each game is a good one Crash.....and I agree...let's keep it to Tiger-Cats players.. :slight_smile:

Hope to see you do this as a regular report :thup:

(our players need something positive for sure!)

I always loved the "three stars" thingy after each Hockey Night in Canada broadcast.

Re: Espo calling for more pressure...

Here's an idea - a HB blitz. Imagine Tay Cody coming from outside the DE to nail the QB from behind? That would be awe-inspiring...

that it would be, but... did i make a post?

My appologies to PC45 for not correctly crediting his comment about the lack of pressure on opposing QB's.

Thanks, Espo.

no problem. thought the same thing. but didn't post.

good on ya PC45 for the idea. also, again, sigs, that would be a sweet play to watch... mainly because Cody is probably the best hitting DB we've had since hitch was playing safety. (not as good, but damn that kid can hit.)

Of course, we'd need a decent safety to cover the SB... :roll: