Game Thoughts/Ticat Game Balls

Ok so i got some sleep after the long train trip and id like to give my thoughts on last nights game, close yet heartbreaking.


As much as people dont want to admit it, this offence is coming around, 400 yards of total offence and a very nice statistical night from Jason Maas... we scored 24 points on offence which is not bad at all considering what we have seen this year. We left some points on the field again last night, getting in close and coming away with only 3 at that point.

Having said that, this is a ball control offence, so as much as people are complaining about the screen plays and dump offs, keep in mind that with virtually NO running game those are just as good as running plays. We DID go vertical with deep balls thrown to Kamau and Brock, some completed and some not, Brock Ralph was WIDE open and Maas simply missed him. I have seen some people say that Ralph slowed up, but I ask you this, check the replay and see where the ball landed, VERY close to the sideline meaning that had Ralph of been where that ball landed he would have made the catch but would have had his momentum take him out of bounds, the play would have been made, but a better ball would have been a TD.

I have a couple complaints with the offence right now, the timing of some of the calls... Late in the game we get the ball with a chance to win the game and we run a draw play (loses yards) and on 2nd and 11 we throw the deep corner route on a 35 yard pass... I question some of the play calls but more importantly i question their timing.

My only other concern is the lack of use (or misuse) of DJ Flick, The last couple years has has been a slow starter statistically but has always come around. This time he is lacking the chance to shine... it seems everytime the ball is thrown his way we either get a flag, or he makes the play. I noticed him open on many plays but either the play isnt designed to go to him, or Maas isnt seeing him open, either way this needs to be sorted out, he has too much talent to be wasted like this. Perhaps its time to move him to the slot? He played there in Ottawa effectively, if this offence is designed to get the ball to the slots and underneith, why not put one of your playmakers in the slot to get him the ball.

The short passes are helping to mask the fact that we have no running game, Anthony Davis looked alright last night but neither back was effective. The injuries on the OLine are hurting.... Here's hoping Jonta Woodard falls vicitm to NFL politics.... j/k Jonta.

Lastly, Is Jason Maas hurt? The screen showed him stretching his back or hip as did the TSN coverage. Here's one thing the TV did not show. On that final play, before it was called Kevin Eakin and Kwame Cavil started to come on to the field, its obvious that Eakin was coming in to throw the deep pass because Maas has shown that arm stregnth isnt his specialty. Maas waved them back, why? was this a time clock concern or him just waving them back cause he didnt want to come out at that time? I dont know. Stay tuned im sure.


This is a big play defence, this D now has 4 or 5 TD's this year? impressive. Last night the injury to Goss was huge, yes he is one guy but it causes other people to switch assignments and affects chemistry in the secondary. The DLine did not create much pressure last night, it did at times and im temped to say that the late prayer to Cahoon was somewhat lucky but hats off to them for making the play.

The bottom line here is that big play or not this defence gave up 34 points last night, thats not acceptable... yes Montreal is a good team with a good offence, we can be happy that they are making big plays to help this offence but we cant ignore the fact that we have had trouble stopping the run and gave up alot of points.

Special Teams

Kickoff coverage was good, i didnt think Montreal had too many holes on kick returns other than one in the second half.

We have had another punt blocked and i seem to recall Lancaster suggesting that "it wont be happening again" after last time, well I wonder if this will force his hand to do something.

Mark Myers seems to be the real deal, he made a couple nice long kicks and missed 1 into the wind, did anyone else notice that he kicks a "Power Fade" like my golf swing? Starts it right and brings it back? As long as he is making kicks i dont care how he does it. His kickoffs into the wind werent great but his kicks with the wind were good. I dont recall them starting much further than the 35 on many kickoffs.

Our kickoff return team needs some work, it seems that Yeast/Holmes dont have anything to work with out there.

As for the fake punt by Montreal, everybody knew they were going to try it, Matthews does it all the time... a couple ST players admitted to me on the train that they were prepared for it, calling out "fake" but like any other play, if they execute perfectly... its hard to stop.

Thats basically all i have to say, I made a point of discussing the game without calling out any player inparticular, i did this for a couple reasons. Coach Lancaster has made it a point that this is a team and they all have to stick together as a unit, making the guy next to them better. I also did it because im sick of coming on and seeing 1 person blamed for a loss... i do believe that THIS GROUP (not the group in the first 4 weeks) can win and Coach Lancaster can lead them there.

Game Balls

Offence - Jason Maas

Statistically played well, i question a couple of his decisions but i wonder if it was playcalling.

Defence - Jason Goss

In only 1 half he shut down Ben Cahoon. His injury cost us huge. This guy could be defensive player of the year if he keeps this up.

Special Teams - Mark Myers

3-4 on FG 2 kicks over 40.

On a personal note, the train trip was great... thanks for orgainizing this event Ticat Staff. I would go again for sure.

Oh come on Crash! You don't have a clue what you're talking about!

That's a draw, not a fade.


Thanks for your insight Crash....and your "diplomacy"! You and I watched the same game, however I was less forgiving in my synopsis! :lol:

I think Lancaster is on the right track...but I'm looking for him to correct the obvious...and I think he will!

Our running game will be forever doomed if we keep doing the ridiculous "shot-gun" snaps trying to "sell" the draw's killing us!

seriously, it ain't working guys, so give it up!

For starters, the snap is typically too high!....and it deteriorates from there....

Am I the only one who sees this?

A very rational, objective, productive analysis Crash.

Regarding players working together as a unit.

When it appears that a player missed an assignment,
sometimes, in reality he may be covering for a team mate
who was the one who really missed his assignment

so who are we to smear a player who is trying to help out?


No problem, woody, mikey is back to being mikey
our quota of "gasket blowers" is back to normal. :wink:


No offence but i dont think the teams offensive woes are the fault of the co-ordinator. Joe is working with what he has and thats a mediocre offensive line. The dump passes are a result of having no running game... some of the throws are Maas's recognition and others are the primary target. Is it fair that WE assume who was supposed to get the ball and who actually did?

PS. I cant get worked up over a 41-38 loss, its better than what we were subjected to with Coach McMaster.

Bottom line is that we are sooooooooooooo close to winning!..a few more simple adjustments and we should be able to take Winnipeg back to back for sure!

Damn the torpedos!..full steam ahead!!


Oh yes of course, it`s Lancasters coaching that made the game so close ?????

It`s never the players who make the same stupid mistakes and cost us games is it ? Why is it the other teams always seem to do just enough more than we do and win the close games ???

The point im trying to make is that i think this team is better prepared and played a more professional game. Lancaster has brought a different attitude and a sense of belief to these players.

He’s 1-1 as Head Coach.

He is just PART of the improvement of this team. How many times did Marshall’s team get blown out in Montreal?

I dont agree and I think Marshall had the players coming along .

Look at the changes in players since taking over...

  • Myers
  • Cavil
  • Brooks (starting full time)
  • Echols
  • Released 4 players and Signed some depth (Sam Young and Pilon).

You're telling me this team would be as good as its been in the last 2 weeks with the "same old" players.

Im not going to turn this into a Marshall/Lancaster thread and I apologize if i did... but there was more fight in last nights game than with any Ticat team i've seen in awhile.

The results will speak for themself.

My 2 Cents.

We need to use more I-Formation to get the run established. I cringe every time I see Radlein go out to TE. Yes, I’m a fan of tight ends, but I’m also a firm believer that if you’re going to run the ball, you need a lead blocker to give your back some room, Radlein at the line doesnt have the same vision as he would coming out of the backfield, and is more likely to take assignment rather than finding the best block to break the back for the most yards.

I'm a fan of tight ends
Not that theres anything wrong with that...

Sorry..couldnt resist.

And to keep my post on topic. I agree with Crash mostly. It was all around a good game for the most part..although another blocked punt, a 33 yrd punting avg..and a huge return on a missed field goal are concerns for me. Not REALLY calling anyone out except maybe my second point on ST.

I think Jason likes the Shotgun as much as Danny does...

That does go back to Mikeys point about inside handoffs, if you are always in Shotgun you are asking your running backs to get 3-4 extra yards just to get to scrimmage, and come from a stand still.

Tough even for Corey Holmes.

Your Right...AND, ( for the record ), I didn't say that the whole problem was the OC.

You did put it much more diplomaticly in your first post when you said you questioned some of the timing on the playcalling. That is exactly what I was getting at. That "is" the responsibility of the guy in the booth (OC).

For the last couple of years I've been harking about it all begins with the O-Line! nothing has changed as far as my beliefs there...BUT...who is responsible for the O-Line? PaoPao's sidekick! (I have a tendancy to think that people have read my posts in other

As far as Marshall/Lancaster is concerned, I'm not about to re-hash that either, but suffice to say that, "we will never know" because it's history! Lancaster is the Head Coach and I'm very confidant in his decisionmaking...I said so!

We do need to make some changes and I think we will see them! :thup:

Odd gameballs… Mine would have to go to Cahoon, Stewart, And Duval probably. The als did win after all.

And if you went to the Montreal forum that would make sense.

(Note above as the reason I dislike this format of forums, the trolling into other teams forums to make a fool of yourself)

How is that trolling? Those are legitimate Gameballs who cares if its in the Als forum or not, I seen something posted about gameballs took a peak at yours and they were way off in my opinion. Arent gameballs supposed to be given to the games best players?

This is the Ticats forum, so obviously the game balls are directed at the Ticats.

When you go to a home game of any team is the Player of the Game from the opposing team?

No problem i'll edit the title of the thread incase you forget what forum you're in again.