Game thoughts and a question on POTG?

I was wondering how a player can drop numerous passes in a game, make one good catch, and become the player of the game? This reminds me of the NHL where a player will be invisible until the clock shows minutes left, then they score the winner and are suddenly the first star.

I thought Cappricotti played an excellent game last night (sorry if I destroyed his name) and deserved POTG more.

The D played very well last night I thought and the O-line provided ample time. But the team did their best to try and lose in the last 2 minutes didn't they!

Because all the broadcasters are formerly players from the offence. In a 1-0 game, they'd pick the kicker who punted the rouge. Except Shultzy when he is there, The Shultz hates praising kickers.

Do you also notice that about the only time a defensive player is mentioned, or mentioned at length, is when he has made a mistake? And then they spin that to show how it was really the offence that forced the mistake?

Defence wins games, offence scores points, TSN panels and commentators pick the POTG.

I thought I was watching the View during the rain delay. Climie, Dunigan and Stegall talking over each other.

Yeah, that was painful. You'd think that having to fill all that unplanned air time would instill a sense of patience in them, at least enough to allow the other guy to finish his sentence. But their enlarged egos do not allow them to be silent when they feel they have a more important point to make.

As for POTG, no one really had a great stats line on the Cats. Maybe Leonard, but his plays weren't of the "game-winning" variety. The winning QB is often a default choice, but Masoli's stats were decidedly unspectacular.

Had the Argos won it would have been comparatively easy to award it to Ray, or perhaps Posey.

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What a different looking team . June Jones looked very relaxed and under control and thus much of the team did including Masoli. When Austin was in there he was cursing on every play just like I was as a fan but a coach shouldn't do that as it makes the players nervous on edge and afraid to make a mistake. Even though this offence of Masoli and June Jones only had one week to practice , it already looks better that the offence we saw the rest of the season under Austin . They decided to start Banks at WR and it payed off as i just ran past a db for along td and him and saunders had a lot of quick throws to them on the line of scrimmage resulting in good gains and giving the oline a break . The offence that we used allowed for quick releases helping out the oline. I do think the OLINE did play it's best game of the season .The offensive tackles Lamar Holmes was unable to play the game and had to be replace by giant rookie Ryker Mathews at 6-6 320 and him and the entire offensive line did well . They did catch a break with Argos DE Lemon leaving the game early though.
The offense looked a bit more refreshing and they used Gable a bit more and due to ratio issues had sub in National Timmons who did well and showed alot of heart . Timmons suffered a severe ankle injury however and will likely be replaced by Thomas Erlington for next game. I liked how June Jones didn't just go with tow national receivers but instead took out Gable for Timmons at times t allow for another import to play receiver like Tyms. I think this offence can only get better with the possible inclusion of Fantuz and Ricky Collins Jr. Once Fantuz and Laaurent get healthy it will solve alot of our ratio issues on both sides of the ball.

Maybe Castillo with a 56 yard FG(which really pumped up the team)and a huge punt at the end of the game to push TOR back at the end of the game.

Tracy also had a pretty good game replacing Chick off the edge

I found the whole team fought hard including 3rd stringers like DT Whitlock , DT Vaughn and RB Timmins along with rookies like OT Ryker Mathews , DB 's Leonard, Brooks and Odiase. The Db's did not give the receivers as much room as they did in the previous games.
DE Capicciotti continues surprise me and is getting better each game. DT Coleman and DE Tracey also had good games. For an undermanned team with plenty of ratio issues and playing third stringers and having a new qb and new head and new offensive system I must say they did quite well .

This DT Whitlock really caught my eye on defence and specialty teams. He is an undersized DT but played great.

It was nice to see us come out on the winning side of a close game for a change. We should continue to throw long passes especially in the end zone as there is always the chance of pass interference like what happened with the Rico Murray pass interference on Tasker. Brooks and Odiase played like veterans I was shocked. I guess we got a bit lucky the their kick return for a td got called back and they missed a fairly short field gone late in the game.

We still had alot of penalties that could have been avoided like a to many men on the field penalty which gave the Argos the ball back and a couple roughing the passers by Tracey and Coleman and holding by Banks when trying to block and an unnecessary roughness penalty on Hughes #45 on the kick return as he tackled the guy at his head level . These mistakes all can and will get cleaned up along with some confusion that June Jones had having to take time outs .

Overall , the team played it's heart out and June Jones remained confidence and relaxed throughout as if he knew his offence would eventually click and it did . Kudos to Masoli for playing cool . I think Masoli should run a bit more as planned play or when he can't find a receiver as he is fast and thick and not afraid to take a hit to get a few extra yards...

I wonder what Austin and Collaros are thinking right now . I assume Austin is happy they won and will concentrate to bring in as many quality players as possible . As for Collaros, I think he might be feeling a bit uneasy .

I do know that clock management is an issue...coaching errors...but over all not a bad game...thought Zach should have been put in at some time just to mix things up!

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To be fair, they should have given him a shot at the consecutive loss record. Pretty selfish of Jones not to. We could have made national headlines twice this week!

Yes, we had penalties we should have not taken, but the Proulx crew once again called "ify" penalties on both sides (no yards against TO when the guy's foot was inside 5 yards) and totally missed others (PI - Tasker). Of the crews he is the worse I do believe; plus he is very slow to get the penalty out and game resumed.