Game This Friday VS Saskatchewan

30,000+ I would like to see, It's a big game and the LIONS could send the riders way into the basement i know I'll be there with my 3 buddys 7 rows from the field, get you and some buddys out the the game and support the Lions

I'd be surprised to see much more than 30,000. Coming off of a loss, and BC fans only show up when their team is winning(did you ever have any crowds 40,000 plus regular season last year? b/c a 11-0 team should have IMO, and that would be somewhat pathetic if you didn't- just wonderin.)

bc fans are pathetic

ok... which fans are pathetic???... i'd say the team with the fans that go into another teams forum to do nothing but flame would be the pathetic fans...

Raw... you need to shut the hell up.... cuz you have NOTHING... i know you have nothing cuz you haven't bothered to defend your comments in the other threads in this forum after i ripped your comments to shreds... you have such a big mouth... but it seems that even after someone rips into you with logic and stats that you don't learn.. you just ignore that post then go flame in some other one. If you have nothing intelligent or even half intelligent to say... please.. just keep quiet.. if not for everyones sake... then for your fellow esks fans sake... real fans don't flame... they use logic, reason and stats to make comments... of which you use none.

And to esks123... no we haven't had a crowd of 40,000+ for a reg season game in many years... however that is not pathetic. You have to look at more than just the numbers... you have to look at the history of the team... in the 80's we had great crowds... bigger than you guys would get out in Edm... but then... Murray Pezim came along and bought the team and ran it into the ground... fan support dropped like a brick thrown from the top of BC Place... Pezim bankrupted the team and the league was forced to take it over... the league only put in enough $ to pay for just enough players to take to the field (as it should be)... but that doesn't do much to help fan support... the team went from avgeraging around 50,000 a game to about 10,000 a game in just a couple of seasons... with that drop in support came a generation of adults not passing the game on to their kids and we've missed out on a whole generation of fans in this city.

Thankfully the team is starting to gain some of those fans back.. and 30,000 is a decent number compaired to where we once were and where we could be if it hadn't turned around.. and granted we're nowhere close to where we were in fan support in the 80's... nor are we drawing the same crowds as your team.. but there are too many differences between the teams and cities to compare crowd sizes... here in vancouver we have a much more scenic city.. on a nice night there is so much more to do and see in this city than in Edm.. hell, on a nice evening the seawall has more poeple walking it than a Lions game draws... and the Esks have always had deep pockets and have had a stable financial history... so deep and so stable that they have been able to have the highest payroll in the league for many years... higher pay usually means more talent on the field... more talent on the field usually means better results... better results usually mean bigger crowds.

So could we have more fans in the stands? Yes
Are we pathetic because we don't? No
Are we drawing more and more fans each year? Yes
Are we where we want to be in fan support? No
Can we get there? Yes

We will get back to the crowd sizes we had in the 80's sooner or later... and when we do and are drawing more fans per game than your Esks we will be humble about it and not call you pathetic for not having more fans in the stands.

Good call chronic


Well said and since it made sense, those Esks fans probably still don't understand what you're saying. Too technical for them.

Well said chronic...And I'll also add, that during those Pezim years, the Lion players never went out into the community. They lost a whole generation of younger fans. It will take time to re-build.

good call chronic however it kinda got away from my topic but I'll add another thing to think about

Who is going to win and who are going to be key factors in the game?
and finally whats the number on attendance and the score going to ne?

30,000 fans,

Lions by 8

Factors = Will Saskatchewan's defense rebound and show up?

yeah... sorry woodc90... i just had to respond to the flaming Esks fans who only see the #'s and don't look at anything behind those numbers. My apologies for going off topic.

Saskatchewan is always a big's going to be a blast.

I'll be there on Fri and should be a good game. Hope to see you all there.

Chronicguy tore Rawnotsorookierickyray apart, ha ha Rawnotsorookierickyray sucks, and by the way the rest of the CFL fans agree with me about Geroy. Rawnotsorookierickyray go back to the Edmonton forum

One thing that Chronic missed was that it was the year that Doug Flutie left B.C. that the attendance fell - during the Flutie era, the Lions averaged about 44,000 for each and every regular season game. And then, I believe, it was Bob O'Billovich, who was the GM then, let Flutie get away because they (Pezim) didn't want to spend the money to keep him. It was a complete and utter financial disater for the Lions to have done that - I think that pissed some fans off big time and they never came back. It became a downwards spiral after Flutie left because the gate revenues dropped by better than 50% and the Lions could no longer afford premium players - quite simply, it was the beginning of a long fan drought.
Roar Lions Loar!

Pezzim was to BC what the Gliebermans were to Ottawa.....

Agreed. I was furious that Flutie left because of a paltry $300,000 over 3 years (IIRC). I was one that dropped my season's tickets at the time, though I started up again in '95, after getting 94 GC tix for a gift.

The Rider Nation’s up for this one ,we have much to prove, This could be the game of the week, even though the Riders seem to be letting the monkeys run the zoo, coaching jobs as well a certain bottle tossing, soother su-cking ,wanna be running back may be at stake. Wally boy will want to toss in the towell by the end of 3. RIDERS 36/FELINES 18…GO RIDERS GO

I wasn’t trying to troll around around in these forums, I respect other fans and teams. I was just stating that if a team is 11-0, it should be drawing some VERY large crowds. No mean to flame, you guys are still 2nd best attendance wise, aren’t you?

Probably, the problem with the Wet Coast is that football isn't "cerebral" enough for the people out here. Too many people out here are white collar and see football as being beneath them.

I bet if the canucks had a 50,000 seat stadium, they wouldn't fill it either. But get all that artsy fartsy sh*t, and suddenly you can't find tix (my wife has oft complained about not getting tix for the Phantom or some other play/musical).

Personally, I'll stick with football.

Roar you lions roar!!!