Game televised?

subject says it all anyone know?

It’ll be broadcast in Vancouver…that’s all I care about. You guys in Regina were bitching about not enough tickets for the games, so they added a couple of thousand seats. Now buy the damned tickets already!!!

Im not to worried ill be at the game lol!!!
go Green

TSN televises every game. If you live in the city where a game is being played it depends on whether or not the game is a sell-out as to if the game can be seen.


so the question would be, is the game a sell out or not.

I know that in some NFL cities when there is doubt about whether or not the game will be sold out, the local sports bars will band together to buy up the remaining tickets. They give them away to people as prizes - thus engendering good will. But the biggest thing is that the game is now a sellout, and they can play it in their bar for all the people who would rather watch the game there on the bigscreen with a pitcher of beer. They make back any money they spent on tickets and then some.

Since you live in Vancouver here are 2 things you may not know. The Riders have sold out something like 19 of their last 20 or 21 home games. But this weekend the weather sucks. It's been raining and a lot more rain in predicted. The high on Sunday is supposed to be 12. Not exactly a great summer day. The way we've supported this team the last 2 or 3 years it is wrong to criticize us as fans.

Relax son. I just spent the last 2 weeks in Saskatchewan. I know exactly how well the team has done over the last 3 seasons. I know what the weather is like "back home." And I know how well supported the team has been. However, I'm worried that the Rider fans back in the "home and native land" are starting to become a bit complacent now that the team is at 3 - 3 instead of 6 - 0.

Sheep I’m going tomorrow. And I hope most people with tickets will. But 12 for a high in August is hard even for us. Especially if it rains.

This is a big game for Miller and the boys. From a 2 and 0 start, to 3 and 4 is a big fall. Don’t want to lose and then have to travel to Montreal to play the Als in 5 days. I’ll be loud and show my Rider pride tomorrow. Hope everyone will be loud. We need to cheer our Riders on to a win they really need. :rockin:

Good on you. If I were still in Regina, I'd be there too. However, it didn't work out for me to stick around there this weekend. This would be a great game to have the hot-tub seats. :slight_smile:

we shouldn't use the weather as a reason to not sell out. if it were 12 in October it would be PACKED!!


It's a Sunday night game. Probably 10 or less at kickoff with rain all day. For people who live 2 hours from Regina coming to this game shows real Rider Pride. If this game sells out with cold, rain and on Sunday night, we will show all of Canada why we are Canada's team. :rockin:

I'm going.....3 hours plus each way.

Especially if it rains??? Some of the best football known to man has been played at Taylor Field in the rain, and if you have been a fan all along you know that so go with bells on, please, it will ad to the atmosphere of a nationally televised 89' cup rematch. I say bring it on mother nature! Hope everyone enjoyed the dragon boats!!!

I will be there. And yeah a lot of the rain games have been fun. I stayed through the rain and lightening at the Edmonton game in 2007. Know we love showing TSN what hearty souls we are like we did that night. But 11 or 12 for a high in August? What happened to summer? It seemed to last 2 or 3 weeks. :frowning:

I believe you meant to say, 1989 Grey Cup Rematch AND 2009 Grey Cup Preview! :rockin:

I got 2 tickets from Durant section 5 row 4.

Well I will be at work today but my daughter and wife will be there with their glad bags on. Hope TSN's satelite feed doesn't fail like it did last home game.