Game stats

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Hamilton 6 turnovers

PRINTERS 17/26 65% 209 yards 0 TD 2 Ints

BURRIS 6/33 79% 345 yards 2 TDs 1 Int


REYNOLDS 11 rushes 96 yards 8.7 avg 3 TDs

TI-CATS 21 rushes 104 yards 4.9 avg 2 TDs

For a team that has made it's identity on the run this was the story of the ball game: yds/carry is three yards shy of the season avg.

Again, the passing stats are not bad. However, it's a half of football, not a game. We can't win with 17 completions. For some reason we just don't run enough plays. I guess it is lack of ability to sustain drives, because we dont' even run that much. 21 carries is not on the upper end either and we're supposed to be a running team. I think this comes down to play selection. Too many short passes. You have to complete 50 of those at a high percentage to win a ball game. The Stamps were in a Porsche. We were in a rickshaw.

Don't let Printers stats fool you. Although his completion ratio is ok. He had 2 long strikes to P Rod and Mitchell for about 100 yds. Take those away and it is all dink and dunk. Our pass blocking is awful.

Take them all away and he had zero.

Forgive, me but that's not a fair way to judge stats.

For all the bonehead plays Printers made in the game, that long bomb to Rodriguez was a beautifil pass and Casey deserves full credit for it. Same with the long pass to Mitchell. Right on the money.

How about we take away all his incompletions and then he'd have a 100% completion rate. Dumb, isn't it?

How about we take away Reynolds best runs, what would that stats say theb?

Let's take away our interceptions and our turnovers are cut in half.

Let's take away 28 points from the Stampeders and we would have won that game.