Game Sold Out !!!

8) According to TSN, they reported during last nights televised game, that Mondays Labour Day game
 in Hamilton is sold out  !!!

 Jason Farr confirmed that this morning on his show.  Apparently all that is left at this time is 

 standing room only  !!!

 Should be a wild, loud, and enthusiastic audience there to give the Cats plenty of support  !!!    <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

  Get there early folks  !!!

   I'm sure that our "Caretaker" is happy, hearing this news !!!     <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Still seats available in section 7

It's always hard to get rid of the last remaining tickets. Usually single seats left in different sections and you can't get 2 or 3 together. Standing room would be good, do they restrict to one deep.??
I would hate to buy standing room and find out you can't see because a tall person is in front of you.

Once a year is no biggie ... always like that isn't it ?

Now do it for more games

How early do you guys think I would get there, my friend said well leave about an hour before kickoff (I think thats too late) I think 90mins would be good to get parking, and find seats etc.

depends on where your coming from

Since gates open 2 hrs before game time, I honestly would try to get a parking spot around 2 pm. It is going to be nuts down there.

tru enough there really is no parking ... only stadium i know with no parking around it anywhere bet there may be others but ya what he said ..

To say there's no parking at Ivor Wynne is quite a stretch, I've been attending and parking for well over twenty years and not once have I not been able to find easily accessible nearby parking. The team operates at least 5 parking lots from Scott Park to on site, not to mention the malls on Barton and the neighbouring properties and side streets.
The people that say there's no parking mean there's no free parking much like most other stadiums or they show up as the gates open when most decent areas are filled....again just like any other stadium.

I'm showing up at 2 and guarantee I'll be parked within 1 block of the stadium.

8) I would get there as early as possible !!! At least 2 hrs. before kickoff. Gates open at 2pm.
 It is going to be a zoo around there  !!!

 Don't forget, there is going to be a lot of Argo fans driving over also.  They will be scrambling for
 parking spots also  !!!       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Upper ottawa and limeridge.

plenty of time to catch the kickoff.. but i have been away for a couple of years but i don't think its changed that much around there .. finding parking will be the big challenge

Just park at center mall and walk over,its not that far.

I havent been this excited to go to a game in a long long time. The games this year were fun, no doubt with them actually winning at home, but i feel like an excited little kid going to this one.

And as for parking, usually I’ll hold out until i can find a free spot on the street somewhere but once a year I dont mind paying the 5-10 bucks to get stuck in someones driveway infront of 5 other cars. Its all part of bein a cats fan.